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Inline Shower Doors

Bathroom City’s huge range of inline shower doors supplies a collection of stylish designs, each providing a reliable, easy to use function and hard wearing construction. 

A sumptuous complement to enclosures that recess in between walls, inline shower doors are a practical solution that exudes style, and our collection of products from a vast number of leading brands delivers a look for any setting. 

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What are Inline Shower Doors?

Inline Shower Doors at Bathroom City 

Fitting a shower enclosure into an alcove is an excellent complement to your bathroom suite, perfectly tucking into the space and allowing the main centre floor area for other bathroom features such as a bath or furniture.

Similarly, fitting a shower enclosure in alcove can be the perfect solution to a smaller bathroom suite, making use of a tight space and leaving the rest of your en-suite or small bathroom for the essentials like a toilet and basin.

Recessed shower enclosures are available in a range of different door styles, some better suited to smaller bathroom suites and some more appropriate to large spaces.

Inline Shower Doors are designed to complement hinged shower doors, providing a wider showering area and a door that opens up into a larger bathroom suite, ideal for more spacious alcoves.

The main benefit of inline shower doors is the additional showering space they provide you with, making for a luxurious experience that can complement any sized bathroom suite.

Inline Shower Doors at Bathroom City

With a vast range of inline shower doors on offer in both our Birmingham showrooms and online, Bathroom City offer a wealth of inline shower doors from leading brands such as Matki Showering.

The IR900 GG Illusion Recessed Inline Shower Door from Matki Showering is a brilliant example of an inline shower door working well in a larger bathroom suite, offering a high-lustre anodised aluminium frame and a Celtic silver finish.

Matki Showering Recessed Inline Shower Doors at Bathroom City

Complete with a side panel for a complete showering solution, the Inline Shower Door with hinge and Side Panel from Aquadart delivers a stylish alternative that doesn’t require an alcove.

This inline shower door can be tucked into a corner to make it more versatile when combining it with other features in family bathroom suites.

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