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Reduced Height Shower Doors

Bathroom City's vast range of Lakes reduced height shower doors and cubicles provide a number of exclusive designs perfect for any modern shower installation.

A great solution for when space is at a premium, adding a reduced height shower to a small or awkwardly shaped room or loft space is a great way to fill the space and increase the functionality of your suite.

Our vast range of stylish reduced height shower doors provides a size and style for any installation.

The Benefits of a Reduced Height Shower

Not all bathroom suites are the perfect length, width and height. When we move into a new property, the bathroom space is often dictated to us by the previous owner which can lead to us altering our design based on the space we have to work with.

Sometimes, in smaller houses, the bathroom suite can be located in an attic room or in another room with a low ceiling; this shouldn’t prevent you from designing the bathroom you want though.

Your bathroom is your escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life and it’s used by the whole family morning and night, so functionality is key, especially when there is more then one family member getting ready in the morning. Having the right features in your bathroom to suit your lifestyle is crucial, whether it’s a bath, shower or both.

When space is at a premium you should never have to discount your ideal design. Reduced Height Shower Doors and Small Shower Doors are the perfect solution to low ceilings, delivering all the functionality of a standard shower with a more versatile height.

How to Choose a Reduced Height Shower or Small Shower Enclosure

Reduced height showers and small showers are available in a range of sizes, perfect for tucking neatly into those difficult spaces.

When choosing any shower, your first port of call is most likely the door style, with reduced height shower you already know it’s going to be slightly shorter then the standard but it’s a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons of the number of shower doors on offer.

Whether you choose a reduced height pivot shower door or a bifold shower door, Bathroom City has a solution that will suit your installation.

For the ultimate space saver, this Reduced Height Bifold Shower Door from Lakes Bathrooms delivers a folding shower door and reduced height, making it perfect for a compact bathroom or en-suite with a low ceiling.

Complete with its stylish modern look and sleek mechanism, this reduced height shower door recessed neatly in between walls for an even more versatile design, as well as the option to add a shower tray and side panel to complete a corner installation.

Reduced Height Showers and Small Showers at Bathroom City

Alternatively, the Lakes Offset Quadrant Reduced Height Shower Enclosure delivers a substantial showering space, only discounting the height of the enclosure and making up for it ten fold within its generous showering area.

Reduced height shower doors and small shower enclosures, allow us to develop the bathroom suite we desire without having to compromise, making them a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers.

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