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Toilets and WCs

Choosing the correct toilet for your bathroom is important. Whilst you may have already chosen its decoration, your bathroom will be truly brought together by your toilet.

As one of the UK's leading bathroom manufacturers, we boast a wide variety of toilets suitable for every type of bathroom. 


The Right Toilet For You

There are several factors to consider when choosing a toilet, which is why our expertise covers every toilet possibility. Whether it’s our range of close coupled toilets, our variety of wall hung toilets, or even our catalogue of low-level and high-level toilets, somewhere in our factory, will be the perfect toilet solution for you.

Our expert knowledge stretches further than just providing products. As one of the leading bathroom experts in the UK, we also offer product advice. From how to install your brand new toilet to handy tips on how to clean your toilet properly, we offer a product education.

Close Coupled Toilets and WC

Close coupled toilets are toilets accompanied by a visible cistern and are perhaps the most commonly used. Even though their basic structure is the same, i.e a toilet supported by a visible cistern. Close coupled toilets come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re chasing that modern look, or in the pursuit of something more traditional, we have a wide range of branded and non-branded toilets suited for every type of bathroom suite.

 Open Back Close Coupled Toilets

Open back close coupled toilets are toilets where the back of the toilet is exposed. These toilets provide the benefit of added floor space as well as creating easier access for cleaning. These toilets offer bathroom beauty and create a subtle intrigue every bathroom user will notice. 

Back to Wall Close Coupled Toilets

Back to wall toilets are toilets that directly connect to the wall. These toilets create a complete and contemporary feel, whilst still being practical and fit-for-purpose. Back to wall toilets tend to come with a concealed unit, meaning they can offer modern chic and save adequate space. Their saving capabilities are not just to their cistern; all of the additional piping, including the soil pipe are also concealed. This makes the toilet area look minimal, functional and more attractive.

Traditional and Modern Close Coupled Toilets

There are other variables when it comes to other close coupled toilets, like whether you want a traditional, modern or contemporary look.  We currently possess a range of different themed toilets- from traditional period designs to more modern sets, our abundant range of models means we have a perfect toilet for everyone.

 Wall Hung Toilets and WCs

Just like back-to-wall toilets, wall-hung toilets are self-explanatory. Wall-hung toilets offer functionality and create more floor space. Suitable for smaller or en-suite bathrooms, wall- hung toilets provide a contemporary look to your bathroom, creating a modern and cutting-edge appeal that other toilets don’t have.

Low-Level Toilets

If you’re looking to create a traditional themed bathroom, a low-level toilet may be the answer. Unique in design, low-level toilets are traditionally characterised by their visible flush pipe. Beautiful, stylish and elegant, these period designs can perfectly complete those bathrooms pursuing the nostalgia of yesteryear. From a practical point of view, low-level toilets tend to work better for properties with a vertical soil pipe.

 High Level Toilets

For those looking to push the boundaries of bathroom charisma, a high-level toilet may satisfy your needs. Aligning themselves with high-end Victorian fashion, high-level toilets are perfect for those looking to transform their toilet into a central bathroom feature.  Bathroom City supplies a range of high-level toilets from some of the world’s leading bathroom brands, each defined by unique styling that exudes class and sophistication. Just like low-level toilets, high-level toilets work better with vertical soil pipes.


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