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Toilets and WCs

With a huge range of toilets and WCs available, Bathroom City supplies sleek solutions for any installation. Choose from Closed Coupled Toilets, Back to Wall Toilets, Toilet Seats, Bidets and more.

The humble toilet can be as stylish as it is functional, with a vast collection from the world's leading brands, as well as Bathroom City's home grown products made right here in our workshop.


How to Choose a Toilet

Although being the most inelegant feature in the bathroom suite, the toilet is an essential feature in any bathroom and is available in a variety of designs which can be daunting for buyers.

When you’re remodelling your bathroom suite, finding the right features to fit your style, space and needs can be difficult; so in order to ease the pressure we've supplied a brief guide to choosing a toilet.

Choosing a toilet depends hugely on your surrounding suite, with the size, shape and style playing a key role in which toilet you eventually decide upon.

Measure Up

As with all bathroom products, the measuring up process is an essential part in developing your suite; finding the right sized features to make the best use of the space available to you.

Nobody wants to clamber across the basin, push past the vanity unit or squeeze by the shower just to reach the toilet, especially during desperate times.

Your bathroom needs to be ergonomically spaced in order for you to bask in all its heavenly glory and measuring and choosing the right features is an integral part of creating your perfect escape.

Whether it’s a compact suite like a cloakroom or an en-suite, or a large family bathroom, the vast array of toilets on the market delivers a solution for any space.

When measuring up the space you would like to feature a toilet installation, ensure that you take into account the size and width of the pan and cistern, including its projection from the wall and the overall size of you or your family using it, to make sure that nobody is going to have to put their legs up on the bath in order to make use of the toilet.

With all this in mind, it’s now time to tackle the different types of toilet on the market.

Different Toilet Types

Traditional Low Level Toilets Available at Bathroom City

Now it's time to establish what type of toilet you want. Your choice of toilet will be dictated by the décor of your bathroom, whether it be a classic traditional design with timeless appeal or a sleek modern look for premium functionality.

Close Coupled Toilet

close coupled toilet is the most popular style of toilet, a simple floor-mounted pan and cistern design. Close coupled toilets are the type you will see in most bathrooms and the design that most people think of when they imagine a lavatory.

Back To Wall Toilet

Back to wall (BTW) toilets conceal the cistern leaving only the pan on show, allowing you more floor space and providing a sleek solution with a flush mechanism integrated into the wall, making it the perfect solution for more modern installations.

Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets are similar in design to back to wall toilets, decreasing the projection of the pan as they are attached directly to the wall, making them perfect in smaller installations such as cloakrooms and en-suites as they save on floor space.

High Level Toilet

high level toilet features a cistern placed high above the pan and featuring a long pipe and chain flush, exuding period styling with a classic design.

Low Level Toilet

Offering a more subtle take on the traditional high level design, low level toilets feature a cistern that sits above the toilet for a classic feel, making a fabulous and stylish addition to more period suites.


As mentioned previously, bathroom styling is an integral part of your overall installation.

Whether you’re going for a classic traditional style to stand the test of time, a sleek contemporary look, or a modern classic that combines elements of both, choosing the right toilet relies heavily on your surrounding setting.

Traditional Toilets and Vintage Toilets at Bathroom City

A great example of a traditionally styled toilet is the Astoria low level pan and cistern from Imperial Bathrooms, a premium brand delivering a good old fashioned design standing at the forefront of bathroom vogue. 

Complete with period details, angular styling, lever handle and a choice of natural wood finished toilet seats, the sumptuous toilet is a functional and timeless complement to any classically styled suite. 

For a more contemporary look, the versatile curvaceous styling of the Karizma close coupled toilet from Jax Bathrooms makes it a great example of how simple styling and functionality can exude class in the modern suite. 

The British-made toilet is defined by its bold lines and sleek design, hiding all pipe work for a modern minimalist chic design. 

Combining the timelessness of traditional grandeur with a contemporary twist, the Thurlestone back to wall unit, pan and cistern is an example of a modern classic done brilliantly, delivering a functional contemporary design with a subtle period features. 

The back to wall toilet utilises timeless elements such as the classically styled pan and natural wood unit, moulding it into a modern design for additional functionality, perfect for any installation. 


Of course, if there's no room in a remodel for a bidet, toilet seats that provide a bidet function are available. Other upgrades include soft-closing toilet seats, which ensure the seat always is closed after use and prevent lids from slamming. Heated toilet seats are another option that can be added without busting a bathroom budget. 

Taking into consideration all aspects of the toilet design, choosing the right toilet for your space can be made much easier with prior knowledge of each style, size and type on offer, so you can get the perfect look and feel for your installation. 

What is a Dual Flush Toilet?

Whether you're searching for traditional period artistry or contemporary vogue, Bathroom City has a style solution to suit any setting.

Back to Wall Toilets at Bathroom City

At Bathroom City we’re passionate about our service and equally passionate about bathrooms, we look to help our customers from the beginning of their development right to the very end, with expert sales staff on hand to help with every aspect of design.

Throughout this process we answer a lot of questions, and nothing beats being able to provide confident answers which play part and parcel in our customers decision, as it all culminates into the dream development you desire.

As well as different designs to choose from, there are also different flush mechanisms available when purchasing a toilet. One of our most frequently asked questions is: “how will a dual flush toilet benefit me?”

A dual flush cistern offers an economical and water-saving approach to your everyday toilet flushing needs. Dual flush technology allows for two different flush levels depending on your requirements, saving around 67% of water usage.

The most common dual flush mechanism features of one button divided into two, with the larger producing a standard long flush and the smaller for a quick flush, using less water.

A sleek and modern feature in any contemporary bathroom, dual flush cisterns can save you money on your water bills as well as helping you do your bit to save the planet!

With the ever growing popularity of the dual flush toilet, the range on offer has increased over the years and the collection available at Bathroom City is no different.

With such a huge range of dual flush toilets on offer, it would be impossible to note each and every one, but rest assured the addition of a dual flush toilet to your new installation will not only provide sleek style with the recessed button in the cistern but also a functional and economical solution to the standard flush.

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