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Toilet Brushes and Holders

An essential addition to your bathroom suite, Bathroom City’s collection of toilet brushes and holders provides a range of traditional and contemporary styles from the world's leading brands.

Toilet Brushes and Holders in a range of styles

A beautifully styled toilet brush will add a designer touch as well as further functionality to your toilet space. Cosidering the value of their use, toilet brushes and holders and extremely cost-effective accessories.  

Toilet Brush Holders at Bathroom City

Toilet Brushes are not the most alluring of products. There are plenty of others that carry more prestige and luxury. But despite their lack of romantic vigour, they’re a bathroom essential that serves an invaluable purpose inside your home.

At Bathroom City, our range of toilet brushes is wide and varied, so no matter what your bathroom style, we’re bound to have the perfect bathroom accessory for you.

Wall Mounted or Floor standing Toilet Brush Holders

Toilet Brush Holders are a popular bathroom accessory and tend to complement your bathroom experience by increasing both its style and its level of convenience.  Perhaps the most important decision to make when choosing a toilet brush set is whether to have a wall mounted or a freestanding toilet solution.

Both designs can be equally appealing, and choosing which one is better tends to be down to taste more than anything else.  However, practicalities can make a role in decision making. If your bathroom is quite small, a wall mounted toilet can be the ideal solution as it can do the job you want it to without taking up valuable floor space.

But if you have the luxury of a larger bathroom, a floor mounted toilet brush holder can create a wonderful ornamentation inside your bathroom.  So if you like the idea of this, please feel free to look through our goods and see which freestanding bathroom brush holders could be wonderful for your bathroom.

For more information of any of the toilet brush holders we provide, call us today on 0121 753 0700. Alternatively, you can pop into our showroom open Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00:17:00 and Sunday 10:00-16:00. 


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