2016 Bathroom Trends

We’re half-way through 2016 already and hasn’t it gone fast? Just like any other year, 2016 means new trends and styles. Six months in, we’ve been able to really get a flavour of what’s hot and what’s not. 

Here are 5 examples of what styles we believe are on-trend for this year. 


Merging the concept of the outdoors with the bathroom, wood offers a distinctive feel of rustic realness. We’ve found more and more customers, particularly those from suburban areas, are using wood to enhance their bathroom design. The release of better timber products means that wood is no longer perceived as a taboo in the bathroom, but actually an enriching reward. It seems the current market consider the wooden touch a desirable asset to your home and bathroom.

2.Cool and Calm.

The cool, calm and collected look is what's in for 2016. Crisp white tiles contrasted against pastel colours have been a sure bet. Of course, our traditionally white baths have always been popular, but 2016 has taught us that modern elegance equals cool pastel and pure white trimmings.  

3.Creative Tile Patterns.

Within the last few years, patterned tiles have been all the rage. However, it seems the times are changing. Offering more of an enduring appeal, simple tiles applied in an innovative way seem to be 2016's way of striking the healthy balance between rebellion and conformity.

4. Coloured Tiles

For the brave and bold, coloured tiles invigorate your bathroom with an life and energy. Accessorising intelligently with different towel colours and trimmings supports a loud bathroom aura. Although not as common as some of the other bathroom trends we’ve come across this year, a handful of our customers have opted to go down this route and create a truly memorable bathroom.

5. Natural vibe.

Aside from the new-wave of wooden bathrooms, other natural materials are also on trend this year. The likes of natural stone and river rocks are becoming increasingly popular among modern bathroom consumers, but these materials are being used differently.

In years gone by, the natural stone would have been restricted to the walls and floors, but not anymore. 2016 continues to break down barriers by using natural stone to make vanity units and bathroom sinks.

So there you have it, 5 key trends that can give your bathroom that truly modern appeal.

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