21 Gorgeous Bathroom Trends Taking Over in 2018

It doesn’t take a massive overhaul to transform the look and feel of your bathroom. A few simple touches here and there: new light fixtures, a fresh reel of wallpaper, one or two plants, and improved storage can make a real difference to the tone and atmosphere of your bathroom. Of course, home decor trends will come and go, but the following ideas will help you to keep your bathroom feeling fresh and up-to-date, without too extreme an investment – unless you’re planning a complete overhaul.


Tile Ideas

It’s easy to opt straight for white bathroom tiles: they’re safe, they’re clean, and they’re unlikely to go out of fashion. But if you’re looking for something softer or more adventurous, why not give these a try?

  • Matt finish tiles – Matte finish tiles give a softer look than standard glossy tiles, and what’s more, they don’t show smudges and watermarks as easily. Shop some great Matt tiles here
  • Unusual shapes – While tile colours and patterns are getting more diverse, some manufacturers are also experimenting with the shapes. Hexagonal tiles are making a real comeback and can be used on floors as well as walls.
  • Neutral colours – More and more of us are falling in love with neutral colours in the home, especially softer shades like grey and beige since they complement a wide range of other colours. Why not consider a pale mushroom tile over stark ivory? More on this below.


Paint Colours

As mentioned above, neutral colours are all the rage, and work particularly well in the bathroom, since they’re inherently calming and peaceful. The following shades will be sure to create a soothing atmosphere.

  • Medium grey – Now one of the most popular modern bathroom wall colours, since it blends beautifully with so many colours. Grey works equally well as your main colour, or as an accent shade.
  • Soft pink – The ideal colour for adding warmth, without getting too intense. Soft pink shades promote energy, confidence and romance – just what you want after a pampering session in the bathroom.
  • Subtle beige – Mushroom and soft beige tones provide a calm and cosy atmosphere when used as a primary bathroom wall colour. In lighter hues, it works equally well in large or small spaces.

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Light Fixtures

It’s wonderful to see a real eclectic mix of lighting fixtures being used in today’s bathroom decor. The right light fixture can make a real difference, not just to the style of your bathroom, but also to the quality of the lighting. We’re seeing a lot of:

  • Vintage light fixtures – A great way to add personality to your bathroom is with a standout fixture that you wouldn’t find in your local bathroom supplies store – a gold chandelier or a beautiful 19th-century lantern, for instance.
  • Nautical lighting – Ever considered using vintage ship lights to complement a nautical themed bathroom? Alongside reclaimed wood accessories and soft blue and white colours, this can be a real win.
  • Candle sconces – What could be more classy and cosy than candle sconces set into the wall? If you love your candlelit baths, candle sconces would be a worthy investment – as well as adding a touch of luxury and gothic style.


Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom wallpapers are certainly well-loved among modern interior designers. What’s more, many are now made with waterproof materials that will work on humid surfaces. Look for the following in your bathroom wallpaper:

  • Bold graphics – A bold, graphical, or monochrome wallpaper in the bathroom makes a big statement. Adds visual interest to space by choosing an asymmetrical design.
  • Asian inspired – Looking for something more traditional? Asian-inspired wallpapers are a great alternative to paint, and there are some beautiful varieties in soft hues depicting various Asian landscapes.
  • Nature-themed – Going with a wallpaper design that reflects elements of nature is always a pleasant choice and one that’ll help your bathroom to feel like a calm, serene place. From dark winter trees to busy floral patterns, there are lots to choose from.


Vanities and Accessories

Who doesn’t love a few helpful accessories to make life easier in the bathroom? There are plenty available that’ll not only make your bathroom look better, but also make it more functional for day-to-day use. Here are some favourites:

  • Toilet night light – Ever find yourself stumbling blindly to the toilet in the middle of the night? With a toilet bowl night light, you can find your way to the loo more easily, without overwhelming your eyes.
  • Over-the-cabinet storage space – If you’re often running low on storage space in your bathroom, an over-the-cabinet storage container will give you much more room for your things, without being bulky or keeping things on display.
  • Mobile phone storage paper holder – Nowadays, many of us bring our phones into the bathroom, such is our reluctance to be without them. Some toilet paper holders have a handy storage shelf, giving you the ideal spot to put your phone – within arm’s reach.


Bath Design Trends

Freestanding tubs are a beautiful option for the bathroom, and if you have space, you can really make it a focal point in the room – perhaps with a skylight or platform. Increasingly, we’re seeing freestanding tubs making their way into the bedroom, which definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you have enough room in your house and the right kind of aesthetic, it can be a beautiful addition.

Excitingly, we’re also seeing new bath designs that incorporate built-in furniture – storage shelves, bookcases, sliding drawers – everything you could need to enjoy your soak in the tub. See some fascinating bathtub designs.


Space-saving Smart Showers

Showers are really going places, design-wise. In 2018, there is a clear demand for space-saving walk-in showers that can maximise the available space in smaller bathrooms. What’s more, showers are getting smarter, with smart showers available that automatically know your preferred temperature and play your favourite songs. One of the main shifts we’re seeing is a consumer preference for environmentally responsible choices – moving away from multiple showerheads and jet streams and opting instead for those that save water.


Perfect Printables

It’s easy to find neat artwork for your bathroom online – just look for free, downloadable printables. These are cute free images that you can print and frame to add personality to the bathroom, as well as to remind people to flush and wash their hands! Some of our favourites include ‘Floss Like a Boss’, ‘Wash Brush Flush’, and ‘You’re looking particularly good today’.

Like the sound of them? Here are more printables to check out.


Whatever your personal style – whether you want a sleek and clutter-free family room or a splash of luxury at the end of a long day – these ideas have got you covered. For shopping complete Bathrooms, look no further than Bathroom City.