5 Tips For Organising Bathroom Space

The organisation isn’t a quality that we all share, however when it comes to organisation in the bathroom it often gets neglected. Your bathroom should be your own personal sanctuary, space where you can be at peace and relax. The stark reality is quite the opposite. Empty shampoo bottles, piles of towels and blunt razors can clutter up your space leaving an unorganised mess that could compromise your bathing experience. The organisation in your bathroom can be relatively easy to achieve - get the most out of your bathroom by following these simple tips on organising your bathroom space.

1) Out With The Old

The first step to the organisation is to have a thorough clear out. Decluttering your surfaces and drawers will instantly make space feel tidier. It’s easy to become a toiletry hoarder, many of us open new bottles without finishing the old ones and before you know it you’ve got a pile of half-filled or empty bottles that you won’t ever use again. You want to great some storage so you know exactly where all your toiletries are. Any new products that haven’t been opened can be put away ready for when you need them.


2) Bathroom Storage

All bathrooms need some storage, bathroom vanity units, cabinets and built-in Bathroom storage units are crucial in maintaining a tidy space. It's important to maximise any space you have, shelving is great for bathrooms that are a little on the small side however if you have space, built-in units will give a more contemporary sleek finish. The main aim of storage is to hide away all those things that you’d don’t necessarily want to see. Toilet rolls, cleaning products and toiletries can make the place seem untidy, higher cupboards are great for medicine or ointments that could pose a potential risk to children.


3) Clean It Up

Cast Clothes Sack

Keeping your surfaces clean is really important, dusk gathers relatively quickly in the bathroom and product spillages can be tricky to get off if they are not cleaned up immediately.
Keep some cleaning products handy and if you haven't got time to give the bathroom a thorough scrub then it's a good idea to stock up on some cleaning wipes, you can wipe the surfaces clean in just one wipe, perfect for the sink, toilet seat and furniture surfaces.


4) Laundry

Keeping your laundry in the bathroom isn’t always ideal but if you must then it’s important that you have a sturdy laundry basket that can be put in the corner of the room. Don’t overload your basket and keep on top of clearing it out as you don’t want items to collect damp.

5) Colour Coding

Using a colour coding system has proven to be a success amongst families. Each member has a specific colour for their toothbrush, towel and flannel that way no one gets mixed up. Adding a colour code will enable you to spot who the untidiest member of the family is and you'll be on your way to creating an organised bathroom that the whole family can enjoy in no time.