Buyer's Guide to the Perfect Bath

Ultimate Guide To Shower Enclosures

Ultimate Guide To Shower Enclosures

Posted on 31st October 2019
A shower enclosure is a terrific addition to your bathroom as it presents a clean, modern look. This enclosure is often designed to highlight other accessories in your bathroom shower areas such as the shower unit and thermostatic valve. Nowadays, people are increasingly choosing... Read more
How Much Does It Cost To Buy and Install a New Bath

How Much Does It Cost To Buy and Install a New Bath?

Posted on 22nd July 2019
Many factors affect the overall bath installation cost. The primary ones among them are the price of the bath as well as the installation cost. These two components are higher for freestanding baths, steel baths and whirlpool baths compared to shower baths and corner baths. The labour... Read more
What Accessories Do I Need To Buy Along With a Bath

What Accessories do I need to Buy along with a Bath?

Posted on 10th July 2019
Bath accessories come in infinite designs. But you need to choose the right ones to add a touch of class to your bathroom. And designing your bathroom is a lot more than simply choosing some panels and taps. You can bring a stunning harmonious look to your bathroom by coordinating... Read more
Top 5 Baths On a Budget

Top 5 Baths on a Budget

Posted on 4th July 2019
Finding the perfect bathtub is never easy, especially if affordability is a limitation. When you are looking to buy a bathtub on a budget, you’ll also need to consider if you can complete the installation with minimal professional help. Giving due consideration to these factors, we... Read more
Different Types of Baths

The Different Types Of Bath

Posted on 2nd July 2019
The bathtub is an essential bathroom centrepiece. With the latest advances in materials technology, you have a bewildering array of choice: from cast iron to acrylic and stone to timber. Regardless of the size of your bathroom and your visual preferences, you can still find the perfect... Read more
Factors to consider when buying a Bath

What Factors To Consider When Buying a Bath?

Posted on 28th June 2019
The bath plays multiple roles in your bathroom ‒ from bathing cranky children on weekday mornings to relaxing grownups at the end of a trying day. Also, as a bath is the centrepiece in your bathroom, it has to look splendid. Hence, it’s vital you choose a bath that matches the overall... Read more