Gadgets To Complement Your Fitted Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom is one of the few places in the house we can find solitude, relaxation, a bit of time out, as a result of this more people are spending their money on luxury items for their bathroom, things to help them relax. As with everything else, the bathroom is stepping into the modern era now, with a number of gizmos and gadgets available to make your bathroom time even more enjoyable, and your bathroom all the more luxurious.

Some of these gadgets are big and will require modernisation of your bathroom, however, most of these luxury gadgets are specifically designed so that they can be used in all bathrooms, even ones with recently fitted bathroom furniture that appear to allow for no modernisation. This means that anyone can buy and enjoy them.

Here are 10 of the most exciting, fun and modern gadgets available on the market for both fitted bathroom furniture and unfitted:

1. Television mirrors

A mirror that is also a television and an internet portal combined. These mirrors are touchscreen and come with wi-fi functionality, furthermore, they are entirely safe to use in the bathroom, being completely waterproof. This is a mirror unlike one you’ve ever seen before and one that will revolutionise your bathroom experience.

2. Touchscreen bathroom mirrors

The model and type you buy will vary the capabilities it comes with, however, most of these mirrors are Bluetooth and often wi-fi enabled, allowing you to play music. These bathroom mirrors often come with other functionalities including a mirror defogger, lighting controls and a barometer.

3. Bluetooth showerheads

There are a range of different designs and makes of these showerheads available, all of which are very similar. This shower head comes with built-in speakers and Bluetooth functionality allowing you to listen to your favourite music while taking a lot hot shower. Singing in the shower has never been so fun.

4. The Oral-B toothbrush with wireless remote

 An electric toothbrush that comes with a handy wireless remote which allows you to check details such as pressure and brushing times, while you are brushing your teeth.

5. Programmable showers

A shower that can be personalised to your tastes, via a tablet. The tablet will allow you to control the temperature of the water, the flow of the water, and if you also have wall streams, where the water comes from. You can also use this to control the lighting of your shower and the music you play through it, including adjusting the volume and enabling Bluetooth and/or wi-fi.

6. Body analysing wi-fi scales

These revolutionary scales not only tell you your weight but also your body fat measurements, your body mass index, heart-rate information and even details on the quality of the air. Most of these scales come with user recognition for up to eight people and the results can be sent via wi-fi to a mobile phone app with some models.

7. Intelligent taps

There are taps available now that are computer programmed and using facial recognition can automatically adjust the water temperature and flow of water to your preference. These taps usually come with a touchscreen capability that allows you to browse online, access email, check weather forecasts and much more.

8. Waterproof & wireless headphones

With Bluetooth capabilities, these headphones let you listen to your music, block out the world and enjoy a nice long soak in your bath, to your favourite music.

9. LED showerheads

 Allows you to light up your shower in the colour of your choice.

10. Electrically heated toilet seats

These heated seats use a thermal circuit to remain room temperature, at 20 to 25 degrees. Given that this is a natural breeding ground for germs these toilet seats are usually also treated with an antimicrobial agent that protects your seat against bacteria, mould, fungi, and mildew forming.

Adding one or more of these revolutionary and fun gadgets to your fitted bathroom furniture will not only ensure your bathroom is unique, but also that is extremely enjoyable to use. A permanent fixture is also likely to increase the value of your property.