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How To Choose The Right Colour For Your Bathroom

Colour choice is crucial when creating a bathroom that is unique to you why not try bathroom city's wet wall. Everyone has different preferences to colour and when it comes to choosing the right colour scheme there may be some deciding factors that can determine what colours will or won’t work. Colour can have a huge effect on our mood so choosing a colour that is right for you is really important. Remember your bathroom is the place that greets you in the morning and sends you off to bed at night so you want to opt for a colour that is going to make you happy You can be as creative as you like with colour but there are certain rules to follow when it comes to colour selection. The following tips should shed some light on choosing the right colour for your bathroom.


If you're looking to create a calming and relaxing environment then neutral colours are a great way of doing so. Neutral tones are often used in spas and have a way of relaxing you and putting your mind at ease. Neutral colours also give a great contemporary feel so if you want to modernize a dated bathroom then go for cream, white or even beige. Many contemporary bathrooms use neutral colours and incorporate brighter accessories if need be, this way you have the option to update your bathroom as and when you want to simply by changing the accessories. For example try teaming a light brown colour scheme with green accessories to create a rich, earthy feel.

Dark Colours

People are afraid of using darker colours in the bathroom, however, there is no need to be! Darker colours tend to make the room feel smaller however if they are used correctly this isn’t the case, teaming dark colours with neutral colours can actually create a dramatic contrast. Try painting one wall in a rich dark colour say dark orange or terracotta, keep the rest of the room a light neutral cream and perhaps to complement the colours incorporate some dramatic lighting. This can create a warm cosy sanctuary perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day.


Contrasting colours are great if you want to make a statement, perhaps you want to add some life back into your tired bathroom? Contrasting bright colours can totally transform a space and instead of creating a relaxing space, you could create an energetic space - this is ideal for family bathrooms. If the contrast is too daring for you then you should think about incorporating white borders or a white ceiling to tone things down a little. If you're not committed to decorating the whole of your bathroom then you could just stick to paint one feature wall, this can still brighten up space without decorating the whole room.

 Remember, there is no harm in testing out colours before decorating. Get yourself a few tester samples and preferably a colour chart and see what colours work well together. You must also take into account the decor of the rest of the house too, make sure you have a similar colour scheme throughout, everyone will have their own style so just make sure it is in keeping with the rest of your home.