How to Clean Your Toilet Properly

How to Clean Your Toilet Properly
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Did you know that a clean toilet reduces the number of health risks?

Poorly cleaned toilets do the opposite, contaminating the rest of your bathroom with invisible germs and bacteria.  Following are the direct instructions on how to give your toilet a proper clean.  Pay attention to these simple steps, and you’ll never worry about a dirty toilet again.

What You Will Need.

*Rubber Gloves

*Toilet Brush

*Toilet Pan Cleaner

* Disinfectant Spray


1)  Lift up your toilet seat and begin with the pan. Open your pan cleaner and carefully pour it under the pan rim, letting it work its way down. Using your toilet brush, begin to scrub. Remember to place a heavier emphasis on scrubbing the rim of the pan as it naturally attracts more dirt. Once done, leave to soak for 15 minutes.

2) While the pan is soaking, spray your disinfectant on the outside of the toilet. Again, begin at the top and work your way down. Then using a sponge and hot water, wipe the disinfectant away.

3) Back to the pan. Have your toilet brush at the ready because it’s time to work some elbow grease and begin scrubbing away the now stagnated dirt and pan clean. Because of the disinfectant, dirt should come off much easier. This is as nasty as the job gets, so embrace it and remember you’re nearly at the finish line.

4) Go back to the pan and give it one last scrub, making sure it is entirely clean.

5) Keep it clean. Remember, if you clean something regularly it’s always easier. If you leave it and become lazy, you are not escaping the workload, you are increasing it. The cleanliness of home reflects the cleanliness of your lifestyle, so keep on top of it and enjoy a healthy and clean bathroom.

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