How To De-clutter Your Bathroom

Sort out your products

The first step to sorting out the bathroom clutter is to take a good hard look at your products, throw away everything you don’t use or haven’t used in six months. Throw away all your empty bottles, these have a bad habit of piling up on the shelf. Don’t keep bathroom stuff just because someone bought it for you. If you don’t want to chuck it away, move it to the bedroom.

Order your products

The next step to sorting everything out is to order it by how much you use it. If it’s the first thing you use in the bathroom such as toothpaste and face wash, put it at the front of your bathroom drawer or shelf. If you have an order in the bathroom, it won’t end up all over the place then thrown around when you’re trying to find something.

Daily Use Products

Keep the daily products close to the sink or have a shelf in the shower dedicated to these items. If you have room elsewhere, move the rest of it. Don’t keep making up in the bathroom, the conditions are not suitable for your favourite blusher or powder. It could ruin the quality as well as being full of bacteria.

Buy storage

The next step after you’ve sorted everything out is to assess whether you have enough storage or not. There might not be enough space for everything. You might need new shelves, wire baskets or even a brand new vanity unit for the bathroom. You can hide clutter with under sink cabinets or behind door storage or attach storage accessories to the wall.

One In One Out Rule

The solid rule of bathroom buying is if you buy something new, throw the old one out. You don’t really need five different shampoos, they all do the same job. Keep on top of the throwing out process and you’ll find that you won’t keep repeating the whole messy bathroom cycle.