How to Enhance Your Bathroom Experience

Choosing the right bath

Starting with the right bathtub is a key point in being able to relax and enjoy your bathing experience. They come in a classic, designer, traditional, stone, steel, cast iron and in different shapes. It can be fitted in a corner, against a wall or be free-standing. The type of bath you have can be a very personal choice as it depends on what makes you comfortable. Starting off with the right bath will help you relax or make the most of it.


Bathroom Mood

The Bathroom can be a calm place or be very stressful if you’re rushing around trying to get ready in the morning. If you want to switch up the mood of your bathroom, try adding soothing elements. This can be things such as flowers, candles, paintings, essential oils, bath salts or special products.

Bath Enhancements

These enhancements can be used in products or supplements to put into the bath.

  • Cinnamon to invigorate and detox the body
  • Oatmeal to relieve itching, irritation and rashes
  • Lavender to relieve stress and inflammation
  • Ginger for cold and flu relief
  • Honey to soften and smooth skin
  • Lemon to revive and energise
  • Chamomile to calm and heal skin
  • Epsom salts to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Bubbles
  • Essential Oils

Give Yourself a Massage

Taking small plastic ball into the bathroom can be a way to massage yourself as you can position yourself over it and move it around the base of the bath. If it’s too tough, ease up on the pressure and let yourself flat. You could use a loafer or a back scrubber to relieve tense muscles.

Put a Chair in the Bathroom

If you find yourself with no ‘me’ time, the bathroom might be the only space you get for you. Putting a waterproof chair in the bathroom is a great chance to be able to sit down with a book, do a face mask, dye your hair or pluck your eyebrows in peace. A good remedy for a cold or the flu can be to sit in the bathroom with the shower running and inhale the steam.