Ways to Make Your Bathroom Seem Bigger

In recent years, apartments have been getting smaller and smaller. The bathroom has not escaped this trend, and you can often find when moving into a new place that space in your WC or en-suite, or even your family bathroom, is at a premium. With this in mind, we’ve put together some ideas for making the most of your available bathroom space so that you don't feel like you're trapped in a ceramic cell every time you use it.




Every bathroom needs a mirror, but why stop at one? A bathroom mirror can make a dramatic impact on the perceived size of your suite, and it doesn't hurt to install two or three for maximum impact.

If you don't have the wall space for multiple mirrors, how about installing furniture that has a dual purpose? A wall-hung cabinet with a mirror can provide you with extra storage as well as a reflective surface. Some bathroom radiators even come with mirror surfaces.


Wall-Hung Basins

Wall-hung basins take up less room than pedestal sinks allowing extra space under your sink and making it easier to keep clean, plus the added bonus of no more losing your tweezers down the back of the sink!


Light Colours and Reflective Materials

Using the same colour throughout your suite creates an illusion of cohesion and can trick the eye into seeing things as bigger than they are. Choose a paint, wet wall or tile colour that matches the rest of your suite, or visa versa if you are installing new furniture

Sticking with light colours such as white or ivory reflects more light into the room, which also makes it appear larger. Shiny or reflective materials work in a similar way, so another option is to invest in chrome fittings.


Simple Patterns

Busy patterns can make an area look crowded, so avoid this by decorating with either simple patterns or leaving surfaces plain. This also makes it easier to repair any potential future damage or to update should your favourite colour change.


Wall-Fixed Accessories

Wall-fixed accessories such as towel rings, robe hooks or vanity units are an ideal space-saving solution as they provide a home for you to store the items you use every day.

However, if your bathroom is full of pictures, cupboards and shelves already maybe it is suffering from wall-overcrowding! If you have wall-fixed accessories that you don't tend to get the use out of, perhaps you should consider removing them and letting your walls breath. An empty wall is not a crime, and making space on your walls might even create that illusion of extra square footage you were looking for.


Space-Saving Bath

A bath may be a necessity for some people, but not every bathroom is built to accommodate a huge tub fit for practicing the Olympic 100 metre breaststroke. There are plenty of space-saving bathtubs designed for tiny bathrooms, and what they compromise in width they make up for in-depth, making sure you still get to have the indulgent soak you desire.


Vertical Radiators

If you don't have space horizontally for a radiator, why not install a vertical one instead? There are a range of column and panel radiators on the market that makes a stylish impact as well as effectively heating up your bathroom so that you can legitimately describe it as “cosy” without sounding like a dodgy estate agent.



A neglected area for potential bathroom storage is above the bathroom door. I know! Why have you never thought of that before? It's an ideal space to install a shelf to store your bathroom essentials like spare toilet rolls and bathroom products.

Another good place for shelves is inside your bathroom storage unit. If you're not using the full height of your cupboard it might be an idea to install a ledge halfway up to maximise the space available.


Use the Back of the Door

You might have run out of space on your walls and in your cupboard, and feel like you have no more options left. That is until you consider the back of the door. Yes! Another neglected space! The bathroom door is an ideal place to install robe hooks or towel rails to keep things off the floor and out of the way. Your bathroom will look bigger if everything has its own place.



Lastly, take some time to look around your bathroom and work out whether or not you need everything in there. Your cupboard may well be full of out-of-date products you haven't used in years, and do you really need three types of antibacterial spray? Organise the products in your shower cubicle in a way that makes sense, and throw out things you don't use.