Why Wall Hung Vanity Units?

Certain bathroom suites cry out for specific furniture, especially when space is at a premium. Choosing a vanity unit that suits your planned space is important as it can affect the overall practicality of the bathroom suite.

The wall hung vanity unit is precisely the solution for almost any contemporary bathroom suite, offering a number of designs that can suit small bathroom suites, large family bathroom suites, cloakroom bathroom suites and en-suites.

So why choose a wall hung vanity unit? Put simply, wall hung vanity units and wall hung bathroom furniture save space, making them perfect in smaller bathroom suites.

The convenience of a wall hung vanity unit does not stop there though, they also come in a wealth of designs for larger bathroom suites, with brands like Pelipal and Svedbergs designing a number of stunning large vanity unit solutions that stand as the focal point in any setting.

The great thing about investing in a wall hung basin cabinet is that even when they’re not necessarily saving space with more compact dimensions, they are creating the illusion of 

Choosing a Wall Hung Vanity Unit for a Small Bathroom Suite

If you have a small bathroom suite to work with then a wall hung vanity unit is a wise investment and Bathroom City is home to a wealth of compact wall mounted bathroom furniture, giving our customers a solution to any style bathroom suite.

The Casino Black Wall Hung Vanity Unit, Shelf and Basin from HiB is a fantastic example of a wall hung vanity unit that’s designed specifically for a small bathroom suite, perfectly balancing compact dimensions with a reduced depth basin and practical storage.

Ideal for en-suites or cloakroom suites, the Casino wall hung vanity unit tucks neatly into the smallest of space, providing storage within its slimline cupboard and a sleek black finish for an ultra contemporary look.

Similarly, another space-saving wall hung vanity unit, the Compact 250 Wall Hung Vanity Unit and Basin from Aqua Cabinets is a slightly larger alternative to the slimline dimensions of the Casino wall hung vanity unit, offering a more storage with its cupboard, internal lighting and a choice of sumptuous finishes.

Increasing the depth even more so, edging towards a design aimed at both small bathroom suites and large bathroom suites, the Palamas White Wall Hung Vanity Unit from HiB delivers deep storage within its two drawers and sleek modern styling.

The eye-catching HiB wall hung vanity unit looks at home in any bathroom, complementing en-suites or larger bathrooms alike it remains a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers.

Choosing a Wall Hung Vanity Unit for a Large Bathroom Suite

Creating the illusion of space, wall hung vanity units are a great way to open up large bathroom suites even more so, for a more open look and feel to your relaxed bathroom setting. 

Pelipal is at the forefront of this bathroom design idea, manufacturing high-quality wall hung bathroom vanity units and wall bathroom furniture that exudes eye-catching contemporary vogue.

What separates Pelipal wall hung vanity units from the rest of the market is the fact that customers can personalise the units with a number of finishes on the doors and the main body of the cabinets, as well as choosing from a range of coordinating basins, so your wall hung vanity unit can be contoured or linear with both single or double basin options. 

For an alternative look that’s just as extravagant, the Twilight Flower Black 800 Wall Hung Vanity Unit giving perfect deep drawer storage from Jax Bathrooms combines a striking floral patterned finish and a C-shaped drawer for convenient storage. 

The Twilight wall hung vanity unit is a cost-effective design that is suitable for any contemporary bathroom suite with its versatile dimensions and fantastic use of space when coupled with a countertop basin. 

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