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Bathroom Shelves


By adding shelves to your bathroom suite, you can increase the functionality of your installation, providing additional storage space.

Bathroom City’s range of storage shelves are the ideal accessorries, offering clear and frosted glass designs and more, as well as a wealth of traditional and modern chic.

Bathroom Shelves at Bathroom City 

Compliment your suite with the functionality and style of carefully chosen shelving and add even more storage.

Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom Shelves serve an invaluable purpose inside your bathroom, providing a platform for not only storage, but décor as well. Typically positioned above your sink but below your mirror, bathroom shelves are home to bathroom essentials like aftershaves and toothbrushes. Yet despite their somewhat humble purpose, they’re a fantastic instrument for manifesting your bathroom’s full potential.

Bathroom Shelves for Every Kind of Bathroom

As one of the UK’s leading bathroom experts, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our products. Just like any other bathroom accessory, making sure our range of shelves is as varied as possible is a top priority.  

Whether you’re bathroom suite is modern or traditional, we’re confident our range of shelves will inspire you to add those finishing touches that create bathroom perfection.

Choosing the Right Sized Bathroom Shelf

One of the most important factors to consider when you’re looking to purchase a bathroom shelf is its size. Size matters - and for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious being practicality. You want your shelf to be able to do the job you want it to.  If it’s too small, you won’t be able to shelve all the things you’d like, yet if it’s too big, it can run the risk of becoming disproportionate and clashing with your bathroom’s aesthetic. As a rule of thumb, we recommend choosing a bathroom shelf that is slightly wider than your bathroom sink. Not only does this make it more practical, it also makes it look better too.

Getting the Right Style of Bathroom Shelf

Now we’ve established the key to bathroom success is built on synchronised bathroom decoration, it’s also important to keep your bathroom’s theme consistent.  Your bathroom accessories should complement existing decor. If your bathroom is decorated traditionally, it’s best to go for a shelf that embraces signature traditional design. However, for an ultra-modern suite, we recommend choosing a shelf that is more minimal in design.

Although it is common knowledge that the purpose of a bathroom shelf is to provide storage, the objects which you’re looking to store can affect the type of shelf buy. If you’re looking to shelve expensive products such as aftershaves and perfumes, we recommend buying a shelf which has a guard rail, ensuring your expensive cosmetics are stored safely.