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Fittings and Fixtures


Fittings and fixtures are an essential addition to the functionality of any bathroom installation.

Fittings and Fixtures for Every Bathroom Possibility

Bathroom City supplies a vast range of neat accessories  for all its products, allowing for a stress-free, easy installation.

If you are unsure of a product’s fitting requirements please contact us and one of our experts will guide you accordingly. 

As Bathroom experts, we’ve come across every kind of bathroom situation. Which is why we’re aware of the importance of fittings & fixtures.

From fixing frames, thermostatic shower valves right through to demister pads for your bathroom mirror, we have the answer for every bathroom requirement, however specific it may be.

Although our bathrooms are built to last, the reality of life can mean that bathroom fixtures and fittings are sometimes needed. Our long-term relationship with bathroom suppliers means we’re able to get the specific fixtures for your bathroom on an as-and-when basis – making your inconvenience a little less inconvenient.    

Our Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures Provide a Quick Solution

There is nothing more annoying than installing a new shower, tap or any other bathroom focal point, only for it to break further down the line. However, as much as a situation like this can be annoying, finding the right solution in a short amount of time can make the initial inconvenience a little more bearable.

 Our three decades in the bathroom industry have meant that we’re able to get an incredibly quick turnaround on the replacement of faulty products. So even if you are in a situation where you need a product quickly, we’ll be able to supply what you need, when you need it.

Fittings & Fixtures- Long Term Relationship with Bathroom Suppliers

At Bathroom City, our fixtures & fittings are wide and diverse. Our 30 years’ experience & thirst for customer satisfaction means we understand their value and are therefore able to rectify your problems more quickly & effectively.

 Corresponding with our wide range of products is an even wider range of fittings and fixtures. If you need any more information on bathroom fittings, then please get in touch with us today on 0121 753 0700. Alternatively, you can pop into our showroom open Monday – Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00-17:00, and Sunday 10:00-16:00.  

Fittings & Fixtures at Bathroom City