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Tooth Brush Holders


The perfect solution to storing your toothbrushes, Bathroom City’s range of toothbrush holders provides a huge range of style options to suit any installation. Completely affordable accessories, there is no excuse for not making the most out of the accessories in your bathroom. 

Tooth Brush Holders For Every Style of Bathroom 

An essential complement to your basin area, investing in a toothbrush holder saves space and also keeps your basin or vanity unit free of toothpaste stains.

Toothbrush holders are manufactured in many materials such as chrome, nickel, gold, ceramic and glass.

Tooth Brush Holders, although seemingly unimportant, can play an important role in creating a distinctive bathroom image. And just like other accessories, brush holders are vital in making sure your bathroom reaches its full potential.

Our range is both wide and accommodating, and because of this, we can provide you with a holder for every kind of bathroom design. So, when you’re shopping for a toothbrush holder, which we’ve gathered you are because you’re on this page, these are the three things you should consider before making your next purchase. 

Tooth Brush Holder Style

Like any other bathroom accessory, the style of your toilet brush holders should work in synergy with your bathroom’s style.  So if your bathroom is decorated traditionally or even in a period design, you should purchase a toothbrush holder that will accentuate this traditional feeling.  Likewise, a modern suite would always benefit from a contemporary style holder.

Tooth Brush Holders Size 

Your toothbrush holder should obviously be big enough so that you can hold your toilet brush in it. You always want it to do the job it is supposed to. However, getting the right size holder isn’t purely based on practicality, its size should work on an aesthetic level too.
Ideally, you don’t want your toothbrush holder to hinder key bathroom features. Everyone brushes their teeth at or near to their bathroom sink, it’s important that accessories compliment central features, rather than distract the eye’s gaze away from them. Therefore, choosing the right accessories is sometimes as important as choosing the right bath. It requires an intelligent taste. 
To help you, we’ve selected three of our toilet brush holders. 

Toothbrush Holders

Phoenix Rac5101 Round Toothbrush & Cup Holder  

If you’re looking for a modern holder that is high-quality and suitable for 
This chrome finished Toilet Brush Holder is a stylish addition to any modernised bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom.

•    Easy to clean
•    Solid brass with chrome finish
•    Wall mounted
•    Easy to install

SA c5301 Square Toothbrush & Cup Holder

This chrome finished contemporary toothbrush holder is the perfect way to save space in your bathroom and keep all your essentials tidy.
•    Contemporary and stylish design
•    Chrome finish
•    Saves space
•    Easy to clean
•    Easy to install
•    Includes cup   

Bathroom’s City Britannia Toothbrush Holder [cv05]

 Ideal for a family bathroom, this traditionally designed toothbrush holder comes with four separate compartments for four separate toothbrushes. 

  • Chrome Finish 
  • Traditional Design
  • Porcelain Trim

If you would like any more information on any of our toothbrush holders, call us today on 0121 753 0700. Alternatively, you can come and visit our showroom open Monday-Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00-17:00, Sunday 10:00-16:00.