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If you're looking for perfect bathroom furntiure, our bathroom worktops make a stylish complement to your furniture and provide a home for your bathroom essentials. With a range of different designs, Bathroom City has bathroom worktops with looks and finishes to suit any setting.

Bathroom worktops are available from bright acrylic solutions to warming natural wood designs. Adding a worktop to your bathroom increases both style and functionality.

A bathroom worktop is the perfect place to store your toiletries, or an ideal installation for back-to-wall WC units. Worktops can make a perfect addition to bathroom cabinets and beautifully complement your décor with a variety of finishes available.

Bathroom City has a range of bathroom worktops that will match any suite and cater for any taste, as well as being made to the highest quality so that you can be assured your bathroom worktop will last.

Bathroom worktops hold a significant influence on your bathroom’s success. They create the finishing touches and are often the most likely part of the bathroom to seen.

At Bathroom City, we understand that it’s the small details that make a big difference to your bathroom’s success. So we’ve broken down the purchase process into the three sections to help you along the way. Take a look.

The Shape of Your Bathroom Worktop

The shape of your worktop should naturally work with the shape of the furniture it covers. If your bathroom cabinets adopt a rounder and more curvaceous shape, then naturally your worktop should follow suit. Likewise, square and rectangular furniture requires the same shaped worktops.

The Colour of Bathroom Worktops

Choosing a colour/finish is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the process. Colour is related to decoration, so your worktop can be equally used as a decorative piece. Sometimes experimenting with different colours can create an interesting contrast for your bathroom. But then again, keeping your worktop colour the same as the furniture it sits upon can be equally as effective.

The Material of Your Bathroom Worktop

Materials can be equally important and tend to correlate with style. Although we tend to find certain anomalies, it’s clear that there are definitive patterns modern styles between MDF wood & glass. Both of these materials provide a sleek and minimal look, perfect for a modernly designed bathroom.

However, when it comes to a traditionally designed bathroom, worktops can be made from granite or even porcelain. These are the ideal materials for creating a lavish and luxurious look, and they’re known for their long lasting durability.


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