Roll Top Baths

Freestanding Roll Top Baths

Freestanding Roll top baths have rounded ends on one or both sides, making them Single-Ended or Double-Ended Baths. These baths are truly luxurious and can add style and elegance to any bathroom space. With a sleek combination of period artistry and contemporary design, freestanding roll-top baths are available for your choosing and are considered a timeless indulgence. At Bathroom City, we have a great selection of single and double ended roll top baths. We also offer FREE shipping on all UK orders over £399.


Built To Last Centerpiece

Roll Top Baths offer an eye-catching center piece to any contemporary bathroom and will make for an excellent addition to a luxury bathroom suite. These Designer Baths are made from premium quality, high-grade materials, offering both stability and comfort, and are built to last for several years.

All Roll Top Baths are sourced from renowned UK Bathroom Brands and come with generous guarantees. Are you looking for something more affordable in Baths? Check out our extensive range of Standard UK Baths.


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Roll Top Baths at Bathroom City

What types of shower baths

L shape shower baths are available in 1700 and 1800 sizes as standard the shape is more square and deep at the showering end were you stand - the L shape bath is very much like a square  shower tray when in use with the L shape screen to ensure the water stays in the bath and not on the floor.

P shape shower bath is generally 1700 size which can replace most standard bath and combine your family showering needs with luxury deep bathing. The P shape often spelt as a Pea shape shower bath has a 900 curved shower standing area. very sleek and deep both the L shape and P shape provide the same space-saving opportunity for the family and keeps those that like showers and those that prefer baths all happy. 

Corner Shape Shower Bath - this small 1500  x 1000 shower bath is only this is a real option for the smaller bathroom. The width is 1000mm which gives an amazing bathing area but still has the shower screen which gives you the corner shower bath that everyone craves. 

Rose and Cast Iron Bath with Rose and Feet 2TH

The Roseland Cast Iron Bath from Imperial Bathrooms is a luxury period design with a black exterior.

Its decorative bath legs, which are available in four colours, are key in creating this bath’s traditional and elegant image.

The robust cast iron construction and timeless styling ensure that this bathroom centrepiece will stand the test of time in both looks and function.

  • Traditional roll top cast iron bath
  • White finished interior
  • The exterior is finished in a black primer ready to be painted
  • Dimensions: Width 1780mm, Height 675mm, Depth 800mm
  • Bath comes with 2 tap holes
  • Double ended bath design
  • Bath feet come in 4 colours: primed cast iron, white, chrome and antique gold
  • Manufactured by Imperial Bathrooms

Marriot Double Ended Bath & Co-ordinated Plinth

With its Double Ended design, the Marriot Bath and Plinth is an awe-inspiring look which is both comfortable and stylish, providing a deep bath which will stand the test of time in look and structure.

  • Stunning design
  • Coordinated plinth
  • No tap holes
  • Width 1700mm, Depth 780mm, Height 585mm
  • Easy to install
  • Supplied with grey primer finish ready for painting
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee

The Waldorf Single Ended Bath

This Waldorf single ended bath is a stylish freestanding traditional design with the ball and claw feet and a paintable exterior. This elegant bathroom centrepiece can be customised to match the décor of its owner’s home, meaning it makes a fabulous addition to any suite.

  • Period style
  • Finished in Primed Cast Iron, White, Chrome or Antique Gold
  • Two tap holes supplied
  • Cast iron construction
  • Size: Width 1700mm, Depth 775mm, Height 610mm
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of 20 years

Roll top baths provide an element of luxury and prestige to your bathroom. Our range of cast iron & roll top baths is sourced from some of the world’s leading bathroom brands. For more information on any of the baths, we provide call us today on 0121 753 0700. Alternatively, visit our showroom open Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00-17:00, and Sunday 10:00-16:00.