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Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Illuminated Mirrors, also known as Bathroom mirrors with lights started becoming popular in the 80s and into the 90s. But today, you can buy illuminated mirrors online at a fraction of the price of what they once cost. An illuminated bathroom mirror is a highly sought after product that can add luxury to your bathroom and home. Serving the same purpose like a lamp in your living room, mirrors with lights can conjure an ambience and warmth that regular bathroom lights cannot. Illuminated mirrors are a little different and should be considered a special addition to your bathroom.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors at Bathroom City

The Style of Your Illuminated Mirror

We have a wide range of bathroom mirrors with lights, whether it’s strip lighting or canopy lighting. Our range of bottom lit mirrors is also incredibly popular due to the affordable price and wide selection of styles. We offer a wide range of different mirrors with lighting. Traditional styles, modern styles and a mixture of the two. We also offer a great selection of large illuminated mirrors for those with larger bathroom spaces to consider. Picking the right style is incredibly important when you want a new mirror to reflect your existing bathrooms design.

The Features Of Your Illuminated Mirror

We offer a wide range of different features when you’re looking to buy an illuminated mirror online in our store. We have illuminated mirrors with shaver sockets, bathroom mirrors with led lights (which give off no heat and are more energy efficient), as well as heated bathroom mirrors. Many of our mirrors are equipped with sensor lighting, allowing you to turn your mirror on and off by simply waving your hand. Another plus that goes with purchasing a bathroom mirror with lights is a demister pad. Demister pads do exactly what they say on the tin, they demystify your mirror of steam so that it’s consistently clear. There’s nothing more frustrating than a steamed up mirror when you’re trying to shave brush teeth or style your hair. Buying one of our illuminated heated mirrors means you never have this problem. Nearly all of our illuminated mirrors are fitted with LED lights. The beauty of this is that LED bulbs never have to be replaced. Once your mirror has been purchased, its lights should last over a decade. Whatever features you’re looking for in your new illuminated mirror, we’ve got you covered.