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Shower Trays come in all shapes sizes and materials. What Size Shower tray do I need! This should be your first question. Sizes start from as small as 700 x 700 square up to 2 meters to accommodate a walk-in shower. Then you have to choose the shape. Curved quadrant corner usually for smaller compact bathrooms or en-suites. All shapes are available to buy in acrylic stone resin or even natural stone with a 50-year guarantee, It is important you choose wisely as this will be the foundation of your shower enclosure for many years to come.

Shower Trays

Whether you'd like to step up into the shower or a have a seamless transition from the floor to the shower installation, Bathroom City's range of shower trays and shower bases delivers a look and feel for any shower.

The shape and size of your shower enclosure determine the shape and size of your shower tray; so having chosen your desired shower enclosure it is time to choose the corresponding shower tray. When purchasing a complete shower enclosure including a shower tray, it can be slightly intimidating buying online without actually viewing the products.

By corresponding the dimensions of our shower trays with the dimensions of our shower enclosures you can easily find the right solution for you and get it delivered to your door with no need to leave the comfort of your home.

There are several different types of shower tray to choose from including Quad Shower Trays, Square Shower Trays, Rectangle Shower Tray, Offset Quad Shower Tray, Designer Shower Trays and Slimline 25mm Shower Trays.

Shower tray options: Resin, Acrylic, Slimline, Stone or capped? 

What is a Slimline Shower Tray?

Also known as a low profile shower tray, slimline shower trays are a stylish complement to shower enclosures, offering a small raised lip that is nearly flush to the floor, rather than a standard tray that you step up into, giving you a sleek finish.

What is a Resin Shower Tray?

Sturdy and stylish, resin shower trays are constructed using a mixture of crushed stone and resin. After being poured a mould and set, the shower tray is sprayed with a protective gel coating. It is common for resin shower trays to utilise a non-slip design in their construction.

What is an Acrylic Shower Tray?

Although Acrylic has been known to be flexible and flimsy in the past, it is now a highly durable and rigid material that provides the basis for some of our best shower trays.

What is an Acrylic Capped Shower Tray?

Acrylic capped shower trays provide the rugged robustness of a resin tray with a sleek acrylic sheet over the top for a premium finish to the shower tray.