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Bathroom Suites

Designing a bathroom suite or a complete bathroom set is an experience that most of us only go through a handful of times in our lifetime. As a result, developing a bathroom suite can leave many in need of some guidance in terms of design.

Bathroom City provides a range of bathroom suites already designed by the industries top specialists, providing you with a tried and trusted look which will tick all the boxes in functionality, styling, bathroom storage and size.

Choose from a range of products including bathroom sinks, basins, toilets & WCs or you could even choose one of our complete bathroom suites or cloakroom bathroom suites. With a range of top brands and our very own bathroom experts in house, Bathroom City can promise the guidance and premium service you require to develop your dream bathroom suite or bathroom set.


Designing a Bathroom Suite that will Stand the Test of Time

When designing your bathroom suite you may trawl the internet, visit showrooms far and wide, watch TV shows on interior design or even make nervous enquiries about your friend’s décor. 

Arcade Freestanding Roll Top Bath at Bathroom City

On this journey through the almost alien world of interior fashion you will gain a mental (or sometimes physical) patchwork of different bathroom design concepts which tickle your fancy.

We say patchwork in its broadest sense, as you may find you are intrigued by a vast range of contrasting designs; the weird, wonderful, traditional and contemporary.

When designing your bathroom suite it can be hard to settle on one particular design, especially when you’re in the knowledge that it can’t be changed at the drop of a hat like other rooms in the home.

With so many styles on offer, you can often get trapped inside a cyclone of ideas, many of which have been selected on a whim or are far from what you originally set out to do.

Firstly, it’s up to you to make a firm decision on which general trend for your bathroom suite. For example, if you have minimalist décor in your living space, a trip back to 19th century England in a traditional bathroom suite is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

A contemporary bathroom suite is a popular choice for most people looking for a design which will stand the test of time, but how can you gauge this? We’re sure many people believed that olive and burgundy bathroom suites were going to last long into the future during the '70s.

Bridging the Gap between Traditional and Contemporary

There are hundreds of modern bathroom suites available, whether you’re looking for cutting edge vogue or minimalist chic, it’s best to choose a design which will echo into the future without losing its sleek appeal.

Some more unique trends can age badly and before you know it you have to spend more cash on a renovation. A great way to counteract this issue is to choose bathroom features that blur the lines between old and new, providing a balance of timeless tradition with a contemporary twist.

Sticking to the basics can be boring so finding bathroom furniture and bathroom sanitaryware which combines subtle traditional elements is an inspired way of developing a modern bathroom suite which will stand the test of time without changing the overall trend of your interior.

BC Sanitan

Often, traditional bathroom designs are defined by their high splashbacks, intricate detailing and angular lines. The Balasani suite from BC Sanitan maintains the classic elements of the traditional suite, but reduces the emphasis on each one; for a look which is at home in both contemporary and traditional suites.

Similarly, traditional experts BC Sanitan offer a deep black glaze to three of their basins which, again, bridges the gap between classic artistry and modern styling. The black finish changes the face of each basin, from a stereotypical Victorian design to a contemporary focal point which simply craves attention in any bathroom suite.


With a wide range of traditional and contemporary bathroom suites, the brand Heritage is completely in tune with what makes a bathroom suite timeless, offering a number of traditional bathroom suites which sit perfectly in modern homes, maintaining their classic vogue while offering a fresh look in terms of style.

Heritage Dorchester Bathroom Suite at Bathroom City

The Dorchester Bathroom Suite from Heritage does this particularly well, taking the high splash backs and artistry from traditional bathroom suites and toning each element down to create a contemporary classic.

Also, the Rhyland Bathroom Suite from Heritage combines traditional styling with contemporary minimalism, an overall look which incorporates low splashbacks and natural wood, for a design which is subtle enough to be timeless and stylish enough to make a statement.

Investing in a Heritage bathroom suite has always been a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers as they provide tried and trusted products that last a lifetime in both their style and high quality construction.


Choosing a brand with a good reputation maybe a slightly more expensive option but will result in a bathroom suite which will remain timeless in all aspects of its design.

Kohler for example is at the forefront of design, and the brand image has been at the peak of bathroom trends since their establishment, constantly breathing new life into modern bathroom design.

Even Kohler’s cutting edge concepts stay current in the ever changing world of bathroom suites, with products such as the Stillness vanity basin being an eye catching, distinctive look which exudes class in a minimal setting.

Bathroom City is a proud stockist of Kohler bathroom products, with a full range of bathroom features on offer exclusively in our Birmingham showrooms.
Arcade Roll Top Baths Available at Bathroom City

The Arcade Collection

An entire brand based on the notion of combining old trends with a modern feel, the Arcade Collection is a newly established range that beautifully marries classic Belle Époque French artistry with contemporary bathroom innovation.

The Arcade Collection carries the same stunning trend throughout its range of products, allowing customers to easily match each feature for a complete bathroom suite, with products such as the Albermarle Freestanding Bath grabbing attention in any interior.

Remember, time is certainly a factor to take into consideration when design your new bathroom interior. A bathroom can be a once in a lifetime purchase, make sure you choose a design that will keep you content long into the future.

Creating a Bathroom on a Budget

A Bathrooms can be a once in a lifetime purchase. Filling up shopping baskets with multiple properties is a past time left only to the rich and famous, and we understand that Joe public may purchase a bathroom suite a maximum of 3 times in a lifetime.

At Bathroom City we also understand that this lifetime purchase can be an expensive one, and with the social pressures of installing a suite which will impress friends and family, it can be a tricky task to balance style and budget.

When buying a bathroom suite for the first time, a lot of us need some form of guidance as to which bathroom suites provide great value for money, a great look, durability, quality and functionality.

First off the ultimate bathroom essential is a toilet, and a great way to add functionality and all the essential components of an en-suite or cloakroom bathroom suite is a simple toilet, basin and pedestal suite.

Developing a Small Bathroom Suite on a Budget 

On a low budget we feel that the Adagio Basin and pedastall is a great way to utilise one of our most cost effective offers, throwing in the basin and pedestal for free with the suite, perfect for en-suites or cloakroom bathroom suites or for the start of a family bathroom suite to be finished with a bath or shower.

Toilet, Basin and Pedestal Bathroom Suites Available at Bathroom City

For a more traditional alternative to the Adagio toilet and basin set, the Rak Empire 4 Piece Bathroom Suite is the most affordable solution on offer, capturing the essence of yesteryear with its elegant details and high quality production values.

Next up, another Bathroom essential is bathroom furniture and Bathroom City’s vast range of bathroom furniture, vanity units and bathroom sets provide a wealth of cost effective bathroom cupboards and bathroom cabinets to instantly enhance the functionality of any suite.

All Suites from Phoenix combines a versatile space saving design with an affordable price tag, delivering an essential complement to smaller suites with its reduced depth back to wall unit and base unit complete with toilet pan and basin.

Delivering a complete solution at a low price allows Bathroom City customers to get all the vital ingredients they need in once purchase and similar to the Phoenix bathroom suite we also offer the Ecco 55 Bathroom Suite from Jax Bathrooms, offering plenty of storage within its short projection vanity unit, single bathroom storage cupboard and back to wall WC unit, complete with ceramic basin and back to wall toilet pan, starting at just £175.

These toilet, basin and bathroom furniture solutions are a fantastic way to complete a smaller en-suite or cloakroom in one hit or act as the base for a larger family bathroom suite, meaning customers only need a bath or shower to create a full suite.

Complete Bathroom Suites on a Budget

Of course it is possible to develop your entire bathroom suite on a shoe string and still maintain a high level of quality, especially if you stick to Bathroom City’s home grown bathroom products from Jax Bathrooms.

Shower Suites, Shower Enclosure Available at Bathroom City

The Elite Bathroom Suite is fantastic way of getting a complete bathroom set that offers the wow factor for less than £300, delivering a modern design that stands the test of time, with its simple lines and elegant white finish.

Complete with a bath, basin and toilet, the Elite bathroom suite is a cost effective purchase that delivers all the qualities you need a family bathroom suite straight off the bat.

Similarly, the Sonark 650 suite and 900 Quadrant is a similar contemporary alternative that offers a spacious shower enclosure amongst its stunning features, ideal for smaller bathroom suites.Complete with a space saving back to wall toilet, reduced depth vanity unit and basin and quadrant shower enclosure, the Sonark 650 Suite and 900 Quadrant offers storage with in its vanity unit’s cupboard, saves space with the back to wall toilet and convenience with the quadrant shower tucking neatly into a corner, making it a particularly useful en-suite design.

Our most favoured cost effective traditional bathroom suite is our famous Frazer Suite that features in Birmingham city centre’s House of Fraser department store.

The stunning Fraser Suite delivers supreme luxury, with the complete bathroom set offering a basin, toilet and freestanding bath in an eye catching traditional style that mirrors the same quality of more expensive branded bathroom suites; giving our customers affordable luxury at the forefront of period vogue.

Bathroom City’s Tips for Designing an Affordable Bathroom Suite

If you’re not tempted to invest in one of our cheaper complete bathroom suites, Bathroom City offers a number of budget individual products that can be combined to make up a stunning bathroom suite but there are a few key tips that customers should look out for when buying a bathroom suite on a budget.

1. Look for wall hung furniture as it provides space underneath which can be used for storage or to simply open up your bathroom; ideal for smaller bathroom suites.

2. The price you see initially for a complete bathroom suite or bathroom set may not be the checkout price once you completed your order. Check the drop down menu to the right of the product to see the different price variants and add-ons.

3. If you’re after storage, it may be more cost effective to buy one large vanity unit rather than a vanity unit and additional bathroom storage cupboard or vice versa.

4. You may not wish to invest in a complete bathroom suite but purchasing a toilet, basin and pedestal suite could be the base you need to start your suite, leaving you a little extra cash to buy the bath or shower you desire.

5. Sometimes the best deals aren’t found online. Bathroom City offers a wealth of in-store discounts that are only available if you pay either of our Birmingham showrooms a visit.

Of course this brief guide to bargain hunting covers the bare essentials required to create a brand new design or add style to an older suite. Our website and showroom has a vast array of products ranging from budget options, right through to luxury items, all of which one trend remains the same, top quality at reasonable prices.

How to Design a Small Bathroom Suite

Every bathroom should be a beautiful use of space, no matter how big or small. With intelligent design a bathroom of any size can be both visually appealing and comfortable to use.

If you have a small bathroom this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on luxurious bathing in comfort and style. With the right choice of space saving bathroom furniture you can update your existing interior to create a beautiful space to relax and unwind that maximises every inch of floor-space.

A finely tuned design, careful product selection and ample storage provision will create a well-planned bathroom that you'll find a pleasure to use for years to come.

Small Bathroom Suites, Cloakroom Suites and En-Suites at Bathroom City

Benefits of Additional Small Bathrooms

Imagine where in your home you could squeeze a small bathroom. Whether converting a loft-space with a compact bathroom suite, transforming a tiny bedroom into an en-suite or installing a cloakroom suite in the space under your stairs. Small bathroom installations can bring convenience, luxury and harmony to your home.

An additional small bathroom installation could make the inevitable queue for the family bathroom each morning a thing of the past. Picture yourself stepping out of bed into your very own compact en-suite without having to argue with your family members over whose turn is next. You can shower and get ready for your day without having to interact with anybody else.

For many busy family households one toilet is simply not enough so installing a downstairs cloakroom suite can be a highly practical upgrade. In addition to adding extra comfort to your home, extra small bathrooms can add value to your home and be a great investment.

How Will the Bathroom Be Used?

Begin by outlining the way you intend to use your room as this will determine what bathroom furniture you will need to install. If there isn’t room for a bath and separate shower then a shower bath is a good option. If you prefer showers than it could be worth considering forgoing the bath altogether and installing a luxury walk in shower.

Does the room need a shower at all? A very small en-suite or downstairs cloakroom installation may only need a toilet and wash basin.

Plan Your Layout

Whether you're updating a small bathroom or creating one from scratch, careful planning is essential to make the most of the available space. Getting the layout right is the all-important first step in maximising the limited space you have available.

When planning the layout first consider the view for the door, especially in an en-suite if the doorway opens into the bedroom. You may want to consider hiding the toilet from initial sight behind the door.

Windows can also dictate the layout position of the bath or wash basin to best appreciate any available views. Ensure there is adequate space around each fitting for comfortable use and pay attention to the swing of shower or bathroom cupboard doors.

Compact Bathroom Furniture

Slimline Compact Bathroom Suites available at Bathroom City

A host of space saving bathroom suites and small bathroom furniture is available to enable even the tiniest cloakrooms, en-suites and under stair toilets to be created. This compact bathroom furniture has been specially designed for small bathrooms and has reduced dimensions so it takes up less floor-space.

From baths and showers to toilets and basins, there are many space saving furniture options you can choose to maximise the space available.

Short projection toilets, for example, are an ideal addition to small bathrooms. Short projection essentially means the toilet doesn’t come far out from the back wall so there is more floor space available in front of it. Toilets with concealed cisterns instead of the more traditional design are generally more compact and designed to fit within back-to-wall units.

Complete space saving bathroom suites are available and show that just because you have a small bathroom you don’t have to compromise on style. These small bathroom suites can create spaces that allow you move freely and in comfort.

A great example is the Slim Line Compact Cloakroom Suite from Rak Ceramics which includes a compact WC with one of the shortest projections available in the UK. It is only 615mm from the back wall to the front of the toilet.

The suite also comes with a slim line basin which has a depth of only 215mm. The small bathroom furniture in this modern suite makes it the ideal choice for compact bathrooms, en-suites or cloakrooms.

Use Those Corners

The corners of a small bathroom can often be overlooked when trying to save space but they can actually provide a fantastic solution. Choosing corner bathroom furniture means you can cleverly open up valuable floor space.

Corner Bathroom Furniture and Compact Bathroom Suites at Bathroom City

Corner basins are typically a lot smaller than traditional bathroom sink units and feature a single mixer tap. This type of design is typically found in cloakroom installations or very compact bathrooms and really helps to save space as there is no large pedestal.

A corner bathroom suite that fully embraces this concept isrom Jax Bathrooms. This corner suite is packed full of space saving features so you can ensure you make full use of your available space.

The bathroom set comes with a corner vanity unit complete with contemporary triangular basin. This corner cabinet has a single door and provides handy storage space for toiletries.

A corner mirror cabinet is also included with the cupboard providing additional storage options while the mirror bounces light around the room – a useful tool in making any room look bigger! The luxury Kapris back to wall toilet is also included and has a slim line design and concealed cistern.

All in all this bathroom suite would make the perfect compact ensuite or cloakroom installation.

Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

Heritage Kharine Bathroom Suite available at Bathroom City

With a small bathroom installation it can be a good idea to choose wall hung bathroom furniture. A wall hung basin or wall hung toilet is mounted on the wall and does not touch the floor at all.

As the floor is left clear, the room is left feeling more spacious. So picking a wall hung basin over a pedestal basin, which does reach the floor, is a great option. Your bathroom will be easier to clean too!his stunning bathroom suite includes a wall hung toilet and wall hung basin which will leave plenty of all important floor space visible. Along with a shower tray, corner panel, basin mixer and shower valve, this complete suite is both aesthetically beautiful and functional.

This is the complete package, an eye-catching compact design which is perfect for saving space in smaller family bathrooms or

Savvy Storage

In a small bathroom where space is at a premium, clutter can quickly grow out of hand and start to make the room feel cramped and claustrophobic. Leaving the room completely bare isn’t an option, as you need your cleaning and grooming products close to hand.

By getting creative with your bathroom storage it will allow you to move around your bathroom in absolute comfort. A good choice is to choose a small bathroom suite that includes a vanity unit rather than a pedestal basin.

Phoenix Cube Bathroom Suite for Small Bathroom Suites at Bathroom City

The area beneath the wash basin is usually wasted space so it is an idea place for bathroom storage. Storage furniture such as bathroom cabinets with a recessed sink give ample cupboard space for those bathroom essentials to be kept well out of sight.

A good bathroom storage solution is the Pictured Suite from Phoenix which delivers your bathroom basics in a stunning contemporary design. The ceramic sink fits on a useful storage cupboard so all that bathroom clutter can be tidied away neatly.

The toilet has a space-saving concealed cistern and the bathroom suite is available in White, Negro or Merango to suit your interior. This modern bathroom suite is perfect for a compact en-suite, downstairs cloakroom or small bathroom installation.

Bathroom City Brands

The experts at Bathroom City are always on hand to help you with your small bathroom installation. Whether it is a small family bathroom, compact en-suite or downstairs cloakroom, we can offer the best advice based on our years of experience.

With small bathroom furniture and cloakroom suits from leading brands such as RAK Ceramics, Phoenix and Imperial Bathrooms we can help you maximise your space and create the beautiful bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

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