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Bathroom Suites

Designing a bathroom suite or a complete bathroom set is an experience that most of us only go through a handful of times in our life. As a result, developing a suite can leave many in need of helpful, expert guidance when it comes to design.

Bathroom City provides a range of already designed bathroom suites by some of the industry’s top specialists, providing you with a look that will tick all the boxes in functionality, styling, bathroom storage and size.

Choose from a range of products including bathroom sinks, basins, toilets and more. You can also choose from our range of complete bathroom suites or cloakroom bathroom suites for a practical suite, offering all the furnishings you need in one package. With a range of top brands and our very own bathroom experts in house, Bathroom City can promise the guidance and premium service you require to develop the dream suite for your bathroom.


Designing a Bathroom Suite that will Stand the Test of Time

When designing a bathroom suite, you can find yourself trawling the internet, visiting showrooms, and watching TV shows about interior design just to find some inspiration.

Arcade Freestanding Roll Top Bath at Bathroom City

With such a vast range of contrasting designs; from the weird and wonderful to traditional and contemporary, it can be hard to settle on a particular design for your bathroom or en suite bathroom. Knowing that your fitted furniture can’t be changed at the drop of a hat like furniture in the rest of the home means that making the right decision the first time around is important.

With so many styles on offer, including designer bathroom suites, small bathroom suites, luxury bathroom suites and more – it can be easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus when trying to decide on one overall cohesive design. That’s why the best place to start is by deciding on one firm theme for your bathroom suite. From modern bathroom suites to more traditional bathroom suites – suiting your current décor is key. For example, if you have minimalist décor in your living space, a trip back to 19th century England with a traditional bathroom suite might not be the best option for you.

Contemporary bathroom suites are popular choices for many people looking for designs that offer timeless appeal, but how do you know what will last?

Bridging the Gap between Traditional and Contemporary Bathroom Suite designs

There are hundreds of modern bathroom suites currently available – whether you’re looking for cutting edge or minimalist chic – so it’s best to choose a bathroom design that will last well into the future without losing its appeal.

Some trends can age badly, and before you know it you'll find yourself spending more money on another renovation. A great way to avoid this issue is to choose bathroom features that combine old and new, providing a balance of timeless tradition with a contemporary twist.

Sticking to the basics can be boring. Finding bathroom furniture that combines subtle traditional elements with contemporary touches is a great way of developing a modern bathroom suite that won’t require a dramatic renovation after a few years.

How Will Your Bathroom Suite Be Used?

Begin by outlining the way you intend to use your room as this will determine what bathroom furniture you will need to install. Where there isn’t room for a bath and separate shower, shower bath suites are a good option. If you prefer showers, then it could be worth considering avoiding a bath altogether and installing a luxury walk in shower or wet room.

Plan Your Bathroom Suite Layout

From updating small bathroom suites to creating one from scratch, careful planning is essential to make the most of the available space. Getting the layout right is the all-important first step in maximising the limited space you have.

When planning the layout, first consider the view for the door, especially in en suite bathrooms where the doorway opens into the bedroom. You may want to consider hiding the toilet from initial sight behind the door for a more practical and aesthetic approach.

Windows can also dictate the layout position of the bath or wash basin to best appreciate any available views. Ensure there is adequate space around each fitting for comfortable use, and pay attention to the swing of shower or bathroom cupboard doors.

Bathroom City Brands

The experts at Bathroom City are always on hand to help you with your bathroom installation. Whether it is a small family bathroom, compact en-suite or downstairs cloakroom, we can offer you the best advice based on our years of experience.

With small bathroom furniture and cloakroom suites from leading brands such as RAK Ceramics, Phoenix and Imperial Bathrooms, we can help you maximise your space and create your ideal bathroom.

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