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bathroom storage solutions

Bathroom Storage

Available in a range of styles from some of the world’s top brands, as well as home grown designs manufactured in our factory in Birmingham, Bathroom City’s bathroom storage units and  furniture cupboards are the perfect solution, providing supreme quality and versatile styling from a first-rate furniture

The bathroom requires a heap of products to make your life easier, so complementing your suite with bathroom storage units to match your wash basin or vanity unit adds a wealth of style and functionality to your suite. You can also finish off your bathroom look with matching mirror wall cabinets.

Bathroom City have hundreds of bathroom storage options in a vast arrange of colours white, black, red, woodgrain and textured availeable online and on display in our luxury showrooms ready to take away today.

The wall storage cupboards have a vast amount of options with mirror doors both drawers and doors and even lights. 

How to Increase Storage Space in your Bathroom Suite

Even in the largest family bathrooms, without the correct eye for storage the space can look cluttered and unsightly with an over abundance of shower gels, soaps, excess toilet rolls, kids toys and much more.

Bathroom Storage for Anyone.

At Bathroom City we've got a bathroom storage solution for any bathroom interior, with a full range of bathroom cabinets, bathroom tall boys, single storage units, double storage units, wall hung storage units and compact bathroom corner cabinets.

Bathroom storage does not necessarily boil down to simply purchasing more bathroom cabinets or shelving. A basic addition can solve most problems, but there are a few more factors to consider when trying increasing your bathroom storage space.

When developing a brand new installation it’s simple to pick and choose a good level of storage facilities: you know how many people you live with and how many bathroom essentials are scattered around your current space, so it’s easy to choose the right sized storage.

For luxurious storage solution, we highly recommend the stylish range of units from Pelipal. The Primadonna, Contea, Bani, Berry, Pina, Roulette, Talea, Loa and Cassca ranges are all well worth checking out for an unrivalled design which is unique and practical.

Of course, it is not always ideal to begin cramming in huge bathroom units into an existing suite or even at the beginning of a new installation: not all bathroom suites are ideal sizes and families come in many different sizes.

For more compact spaces, a corner cabinet can be the perfect way to gain extra bathroom storage, while not eating in to your bathroom space. The HiB Denia Corner Cabinet for example is a discreet way of adding storage and an additional mirror to your bathroom suite.

Bathroom Corner Cabinets from HiB Bathrooms at Bathroom City

There are lots more ways to increase storage and even some that may not involve you parting with any cash.

Towels can be a pain, and it is not uncommon to give yourself the once over, drop the towel on the floor and strut out of the bathroom to get dressed. This not only leaves an untidy mess in your bathroom but can lead to your towels festering and harbouring bacteria.

Here’s a thought, why not have something to throw it on? Adding an elegant wicker chair can be the solution to store towels and is a big enough target for anyone to hit. Of course, this requires a bit of space, but is a simple solution that works and looks great.

Alternatively, adding robe hooks or a row of pegs to your walls can be a good way of reminding people to hang up their towel after use.

Toilet rolls are obviously a bathroom essential, but that does not mean that the entire 24 pack needs to lay dormant in your suite. Find a place outside the bathroom to store essentials like toilet rolls such as under the sink or in the airing cupboard and you’ll soon discover that one roll at a time is enough for any bathroom.

Finally, have you ever looked in your bathroom cabinet, shelf or window sill and thought what exactly it’s storing? After years of collecting dust, it’s safe to say that the Old Spice aftershave balm your Mum bought you in the late '90s is not going get used. Yes, simple as it sounds, have a tidy!

We hope our brief guide to bathroom storage has helped you choose the right cabinet, unit storage furniture for you. The right choices early on in your bathroom development can save a lot of hassle down the line if your family grows.

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