Bathroom Cabinets Buying Guide

Bathroom Cabinets Buying Guide
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A cabinet is an indispensable component because space is at a premium in your bathroom. Imagine you are in a hurry. When your bathroom is organised, it’s much easier to speed things up. You can shower quickly and get dressed faster.

You know the importance of a clutter-free, organised workspace to start your workday in a flash. Your bathroom is no different. Here’s where bathroom cabinets – the masters of organisation – come in. They simply present you with an effective solution for all your space constraints. And by choosing the right bathroom cabinet, you can make certain of a pleasant getting to work and getting to bed experience.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bathroom Cabinets/Storage

1. Size

The size of the cabinet is the first factor you need to look at. But when you browse through websites, you’ll find countless options. And since bathroom cabinets come in an assortment of sizes, colours and styles, it’s not easy to determine the right one if you don’t know the exact dimensions of your bathroom.

While the most preferred wider sizes are 24-inch, 36-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch and 72-inch, you don’t need to worry even if your bathroom is too small for a 24-inch cabinet. You can buy a 12-inch cabinet. Yes, that’s right! Our 12-inch wall hung bathroom cabinet is the rage in 2019.

The average height varies from 33-inch to 35-inch and the average depth from 17-inch to 24-inch. But there are huge variations to these dimensions. And with countless bathroom cabinet choices, you’ll quickly realize almost any size, colour and style is a real possibility. You only need to determine the right size for your bathroom.

2. Materials

The durability of the material you choose is also of utmost importance. Bathroom cabinets are typically placed in wet, humid and busy surroundings. Your chosen cabinet should be able to last for years on end in this harsh backdrop. The most popular materials include wood, MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard), metal and thermofoil.

If the environment in your bathroom is decidedly favourable, you can opt for a wooden cabinet. Only ensure the wood is properly sealed and lacquered. But if the environment in your bathroom is especially brutal, wood is not the best choice. And don’t settle for a cabinet that comes with a 1-year guarantee. Stay safe. Buy a cabinet that comes with a 2-year, 5-year or even a 10-year guarantee.

3. Aesthetics

When you are remodelling your bathroom or building a new one, storage can often fall behind aesthetics in the order of importance. And rightly so. It’s only when the bathroom is finished and fully operational, you realise a wall cabinet may have been a worthwhile investment. Fortunately, it’s never too late to add a cabinet.

Simply ensure that the bathroom cabinet you buy is a perfect match for the aesthetics of your bathroom. Since a storage cabinet is a key component of your bathroom’s visual style, choose one that either complements or contrasts your basin, bath and shower unit.

Aesthetic Bathroom With Grey Wall Hung Cabinets and Back to Wall Toilet


4. Storage

Bathroom cabinets present you with a lasting storage solution. And when you opt for a cabinet with drawers that have compartments, they provide you with an extra storage solution. You need to, however, take into account of what you really use in your bathroom. Only then you can decide the amount of storage space you will need.

Take inventory of all the items that remain in your bathroom. Organise everything so that you have them within reach. You’ll now get a clear picture of how much space you need. Play it safe by adding 25% more space than you think you require. Then buy a cabinet that will provide you with the storage space you need.

5. Price

Last but not least is your budget. While a minimalist storage unit that comes with few features will not cost you much, a storage unit with additional features such as a mirror, LED lighting and electrical socket will be expensive. But if you check out all the bathroom cabinets available in our store, we’re sure you’ll find the right one that is of exceptional quality and available at a competitive price too.

Where should you position the Cabinet Based on Bathroom Size?

The position of your storage cabinet is of prime importance to the overall appearance and feel of your bathroom. Look at potential obstacles and determine the best place for your new cabinet. Measure the dimensions of your bathroom correctly to ensure the size, shape and style of the storage unit you buy match naturally to its surroundings. Place (if the cabinet is freestanding) or fit (if it’s wall-mounted) the cabinet in a place that will not interfere with the natural flow of bathroom traffic.

The most important points to consider when determining the placement of your bathroom cabinet include:

  • The toilet: Do you want your cabinet in front of, behind or beside the toilet? Will you bump into the cabinet when trying to use the toilet?
  • Door swing: If your bathroom door swings inwards (most doors do) and hits the cabinet, this can be annoying. And it’s an ineffective storage solution.
  • The shower unit: Does your shower have a door, not a curtain? Account for the shower door swing before placing your cabinet.
  • The flow of traffic: Make sure your cabinet makes navigating all the areas of your bathroom – specifically the bath and the shower enclosure – easy. You’ll be frustrated if you’re constantly worried about bumping into your cabinet trying to avoid something else.

Different Types of Bathroom Cabinets

1. Mirrored Cabinets

A mirrored cabinet serves two purposes. It provides you with storage space whilst acting as your bathroom mirror. Many mirror cabinets also come with some type of lighting option. If you want to save space and get rid of the clutter around your basin area, then this cabinet is a great buy.

Black Bathroom Mirror Cabinets


2. Tall Bathroom Cabinets

If you are looking for a practical storage solution that looks great, then the minimalist tallboy cabinet is the right fit. The height and size of this bathroom cabinet provide you generous storage space making it the perfect space saver. This cabinet also enables you to store different bathroom accessories out of sight, and yet retain the design of your bathroom.

Wooden and White Tall Boy Bathroom Cabinets


3. Storage Laundry Cabinets

A storage laundry cabinet is an effective choice for function and convenience. And this cabinet does not sacrifice style for function. If aesthetic excellence is important to you, then this cabinet is a great choice.

Bathroom Storage Laundry Cabinets


4. Storage Benches

A storage bench is essentially an elegant seating bench with a storage shelf. This bathroom cabinet is a definite boost to your bathroom. Since this product is available in a wide range of colours, you can easily find one that meets your specific aesthetic needs.

Bathroom Storage Benches


5. Corner Bathroom Cabinets

The shape of the corner bathroom cabinet means you can use every square inch of corner space in your bathroom to create an additional storage area. This freestanding or wall-mounted bathroom cabinet not only increases the storage area, but it also enhances the decorum in your bathroom.

Corner Bathroom Cabinets

Our Top 5 Recommendations to Help You Choose the Perfect Bathroom Cabinet

  1. Measure the dimensions of your bathroom with great care, leaving no margin for error. Once you have these figures, determine the exact spot you want to place the cabinet.
  2. Based on the size of your bathroom as well as your current and future needs, set a reasonable budget.
  3. Make sure that the cabinet material you choose withstands variable humidity, water and temperature conditions.
  4. Aim to buy a cabinet that comes with a 2-year, 5-year or even a 10-year guarantee.
  5. Shortlist at least three cabinets that either complement or contrast the colour scheme and the overall bathroom decor. Pick the one that scores the highest in all the other vital areas – durability, optimal use of storage space and price.

Shop Bathroom Cabinets

A bathroom cabinet not only completes a functional and fun-loving bathroom but also affects the appearance and feel of the entire bathroom. The perfect storage cabinet can make your daily routine comfortable and stress-free as well. It’s truly relaxing to begin (and also end) your day in a clutter-free, organised space.

Bathroom City’s range of bathroom cabinets presents the ultimate style and storage solution. Browse through some of the world’s top brands at our online store.

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