Bathroom Furniture Guides

  • Your Guide to Bathroom Vanity Height

    You don’t realise the importance of bathroom vanity height until something seems amiss. A vanity unit installed at a lower or higher height can be inconvenient, as you use it multiple times daily. I
    4 Min Read
  • How to Install a Vanity Unit

    A bathroom vanity unit serves a dual purpose – housing a washbasin and countertop while providing storage space for bathroom essentials.
    4 Min Read
  • Bathroom Mirrors Buying Guide

    Mirrors make a fantastic addition to your bathrooms. The old standards for bathroom mirrors have almost vanished. Nowadays, people are increasingly choosing spectacular mirrors.
    4 Min Read
  • 7 Bathroom Suites For Small Bathrooms

    A bathroom suite is a collection of accessories designed to be used together so that they complement the overall aesthetics. A toilet pan, cistern, and washbasin are the industry standard.
    4 Min Read
  • Top Budget Bathroom Makeover Ideas

    Bored with your dull bathroom but worried about the high cost of a makeover? Don’t fret needlessly. You don’t need the fortune to transform your lifeless bathroom into an ultra-modern, cool space.
    6 Min Read
  • Bathroom Cabinets Buying Guide

    A cabinet is an indispensable component because space is at a premium in your bathroom. Imagine you are in a hurry. When your bathroom is organised, it’s much easier to speed things up.
    6 Min Read
  • Large Vanity Units Buying Guide

    A large bathroom vanity unit comprises a washbasin on top and a small cabinet at the bottom and is usually ideal for large bathrooms.
    5 Min Read
  • Top 5 Small Vanity Units

    Created to make your bathroom more space-efficient, Small Vanity Units are a very popular choice among buyers.
    7 Min Read