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An essential feature for any basin, basin wastes are available in a variety of accessories, including pop-up wastes, click-clack wastes, and more traditional plug and chain wastes.

What type of basin waste do you need?

The are two main types of basin waste you must choose the correct type to suit your sink.  you have two types  1 - slotted basin waste and 2 - unslotted basin waste. 

how to choose which type?  simply, you must have a slotted waste if your basin has an overflow ( the small slot-shaped hole in the basin usually above the waste. if you overfill your basin with water or forget to turn the tap off the water will reach the overflow slotted hole and backfill into the slotted waste and out into the external waste pipes. 

if you do not have an overflow then you need an unslotted waste. 


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Choose the Right Bathroom Waste

Basin wastes, essential for your basin, come in various styles to match your bathroom suite.

Matching Your Basin Waste:

Style Your basin waste should harmonize with your bathroom's design, whether porcelain or modern chrome.

Elevate the Luxury:

Plug and chain wastes add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, enhancing its first impression.

Bath Wastes for Every Bathroom:

Bath wastes offer stylish options, including chrome, brass, and gold finishes.

Bottle Trap Brands:

Bathroom City offers a wide selection of bottle traps from reputable brands in modern and traditional designs.

Practicality and Style:

Bottle traps enhance your bathroom's style and functionality.

Understanding Bottle Traps:

Bottle traps prevent odors from entering your bathroom while offering stunning design options.

Shower Wastes and Traps Simplified:

Shower wastes and traps ensure functionality while maintaining a stylish look.