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Looking to buy Taps for your new Bathroom Sink or a Brand new Roll-Top Bath? Bathroom taps are essential for any Bathroom whether you choose traditional brassware with terrific detailing and timeless appeal or eye-catching Modern Tall Basin Taps. Bathroom Taps can perfectly complement the style of your Basin Vanity Unit or Slipper Bath, adding an additional layer of elegance and sophistication.Our short guide to choosing a Bathroom Tap will help simplify this topic for you.

Different Styles & Colors

Bathroom City’s collection offers Taps for all styles and variations of Bathroom Sinks as well as Baths. This includes small basin taps, wall mounted taps, shower mixer taps, Tall taps, Bath taps and tall freestanding Taps for a Slipper Bath. We also offer taps in different color choices including Chrome, Black and luxurious Gold. Most of our Bathroom Tap products are precision-built, ensuring there's no-leakage, and they're sure to last you for years to come.

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As one of the largest and oldest independent online Bathroom Specialists in the UK, we offer competitive market prices on all Bathroom City products. We also offer financing options to help you spread the costs that come with installing a New Bathroom.

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Discover the Perfect Bathroom Taps

Bathroom taps are more than just functional fixtures; they're an expression of your style. Our diverse collection of brassware offers an array of handles, spouts, and waterfall options, allowing you to customize your bathroom taps to suit your unique taste.

When embarking on a bathroom renovation, we recommend selecting your bathroom taps in tandem with your Bathroom Basin Units to achieve a cohesive and harmonious look.

Understanding Tap Selection:

To find the perfect bathroom tap, it's essential to understand your specific needs and preferences. Consider the following factors:

1. Tap Purpose: Determine the type of taps you need, whether for a basin, bath tap, wall, or floor-mounted application. 

2. Tap Holes: The number of tap holes in your ceramic basin or bath will dictate the type of tap you require. Most commonly, single-hole mixers are used, but be sure to check if you have a 2 or 3 tap hole basin. or zero no tap holes at all. 

3. Style Preferences: Choose a tap style that aligns with your bathroom's aesthetic. Generally, modern taps complement contemporary suites, while traditional taps enhance classic themes. However, personalization is key, so select the taps that resonate with your unique vision.

4. Brassware Colour : there are a huge array of colour options available when it comes to taps and showers its a great way to customise your bathroom. Take a look at the gold tapsblack or nickel just to name a few. 

Bath shower mixers offer a versatile solution for your bathroom, allowing you to wash your hair, clean your bath, or bathe your children conveniently. Choose from traditional or modern designs to complement your bathroom's theme.these are fitted to your bath and have a shower head and hose integrated, 

Bath Mixer Filler  this is a bath mixer tap with one control to mixer both the hot and gold water and one spout to fill your bath with water  

Basin Taps are available in may different styles and applications,  Tall freestanding basin mixer taps for basin without tap holes basin taps a pair of basin taps that are for 2 tap hole basins one tap gives you cold water the 2nd hot there is no mixing of water. Small basin taps for suitable for the small cloakroom basin these are between 112 and 130mm height and the spout is very short. were a standard basin tap size is around 155mm height and the spount is longer  for larger sinks. 

What is a overflow filler tap ?  these are for baths with out tap holes.  the overflow in the bath is used for the water inlet and the water is control by a round nob and the temperature of the water is control by the one turning nob. 

What are Wall Mounted Bathroom Taps?

Wall-mounted taps are designed so they are fitted to the wall and all the inlet water pipes are concealed within the wall, yes this can increase the budget if you are not doing a total refurbishment on your bathroom. 

What types of wall-mounted taps? 

Wall-mounted basin taps are designed for any basin you have or are buying that does not have a tap hole. the tap will have a spout and generally a hot and cold tap fixed to the wall above the basin. It's essential to check the spout length to ensure the water flows directly into the middle of the basin and not near the edge where you will be obstructed when washing your hands 

Wall-mounted bath taps are the same as basin taps except the spout is much longer to reach inside the bath. they do not have a showerhead. 

Wall-mounted bath shower mixer taps however do have a shower head and hose 

What are free standing bath mixer taps ? these are very tall taps usually around 850mm in total height and a spout height of 650mm. The water inlet pipes areneed to be build under the floor before fitting your bathroom flooring. these taps are suitable for free standing baths. you also have the option of a freestanding bath shower mixer tap that includes the shower head and hose attachment.

Leading Tap Brands:

In our stock, we feature a wide selection of bathroom taps from industry-leading brands such as  Burlington, Crosswater, Bayswater Imperial Bathrooms, Bristan, and Vado. Rest assured that you're investing in top-quality products when you shop with us.