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Looking to buy Taps for your new Bathroom Sink or a Brand new Roll-Top Bath? Bathroom taps are essential for any Bathroom whether you choose traditional brassware with terrific detailing and timeless appeal or eye-catching Modern Tall Basin Taps. Bathroom Taps can perfectly complement the style of your Basin Vanity Unit or Slipper Bath, adding an additional layer of elegance and sophistication.Our short guide to choosing a Bathroom Tap will help simplify this topic for you.

Different Styles & Colors

Bathroom City’s collection offers Taps for all styles and variations of Bathroom Sinks as well as Baths. This includes small basin taps, wall mounted taps, shower mixer taps, Tall taps, Bath taps and tall freestanding Taps for a Slipper Bath. We also offer taps in different color choices including Chrome, Black and luxurious Gold. Most of our Bathroom Tap products are precision-built, ensuring there's no-leakage, and they're sure to last you for years to come.

Best Prices

As one of the largest and oldest independent online Bathroom Specialists in the UK, we offer competitive market prices on all Bathroom City products. We also offer financing options to help you spread the costs that come with installing a New Bathroom.

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Our collection of brassware is also available in a huge range of different types, with different handles, spouts and waterfall options on offer; to make your bathroom taps a personal style choice.

Bathroom Taps are an important part of an installation, and we recommend you buy them at the same time as your Bathroom Basin Units to create the complete look. 

Bathroom City’s collection of bathroom taps is both wide and varied, and collectively it includes basin taps, bath taps, bath shower mixer taps, and wastes and bottle traps.

Discover Your Tap’s Purpose

Every bathroom is different, and the diversity of each one can be endless. This is why we always ask customers what type of bathroom tap they are looking for. We believe it’s vital to ask this question earlier on in the process, as it avoids any physical complications later on.

So whether you’re looking for a Basin tap for a bath tap, a bathroom wall tap or a floor-mounted tap be sure to take a look at our Bathroom Suite Sale.

How Many Tap Holes Do You Have?

If you have a ceramic basin this will define the type of tap you need; most common is a 1 tap hole mixer, but be sure to check as you may have purchased a 2 tap hole or 3 tap hole. 

Baths are generally supplied without any tap holes as industry-standard unless otherwise specified in the content. This allows you to choose from no tap hole, wall-mounted, freestanding taps, or 2 tap hole mixer, a deluxe style 3 or 4 and in some style 5 tap holes enabling you to have pull-out show heads and turn on and off handles separately on your bath.  Drilling tap holes into your bath is an easy task for an experienced plumber. 


Traditional or Modern?

After the type of tap and the number of tap holes required are chosen, the next variable is style.  As a rule of the thumb, we recommend installing in a contemporarily designed tap in a contemporary suite and a traditional tap in a traditional suite.  

Despite the simple segregation of modern versus traditional, bathroom individuality should still be the goal. Remember, two bathrooms that are identically furnished could still have different, sizes, layouts and auras. To create the bathroom you truly want, even it comes down to the smallest detail. Taps are a great way to do this.

Bathroom Tap Brands

In stock, we have a huge selection of bathroom taps from leading names in the industry such as Burlington, Crosswater, Imperial Bathrooms, Bristan and Vado.  So whether it’s a basin tap, bath tap or both, Bathroom City can assure you that you’re buying the best the market has to offer.

What is a Wall Mounted Basin Tap?

A wall-mounted basin tap is a tap that is fixed on to the bathroom wall. Wall-mounted basin mixer taps can add another dimension to your bathroom by creating both beauty and space.

Making an elegant statement, wall mounted basin taps are able to turn any basin area into an open bathroom focal point.

Traditional Wall Mounted Basin Taps

As the taps do not sit on the basin themselves, traditional wall mounted basin taps create an open and luxurious effect on your bathroom experience.

When paired with countertop basins or washbowls, traditional wall mounted basin taps are compelling enough to capture wandering eyes.

Modern Wall Mounted Basin Taps

Modern Wall Mounted Basin Taps easily synchronise with a modern bathroom because of their sleek and streamlined shape.  Our range of modern wall mounted basin taps offer a quality forged by their proportions and proven by their quality material.

With hundreds of varieties of wall-mounted basin taps to choose from at Bathroom City, scroll down and find the perfect solution for your home.  In terms of functionality, purchasing a bath shower mixer is perhaps your best option.

Equipping your bathroom with the ultimate functionality, bath shower mixers are considered a key focal point in terms of bathroom decoration and allow you to completely utilise your bath area.

Bath shower mixers are a practical asset to your bathroom, providing you with the ability to wash your hair whilst bathing, clean your bath when necessary, and bathe your children if required. 

Traditional Bath Shower Mixers Taps at Bathroom

Traditional Bath Shower Mixers are ideally situated inside a traditional bath, yet are a good-looking enough to work well on their own. Often made from brass and then filmed in either nickel or chrome, Bath Shower Mixers create a timeless look within your home, strengthening your bathroom with feelings of luxury and opulence.

With a wide range of branded products here at Bathroom City, we have a variety of Bath Shower Mixers that come from a range of prestigious brands from all around the world.

Modern Bath Shower Mixer Taps at Bathroom City

If your bathroom is designed with modern decor, then we have exactly what you need. Our range of modern bathroom shower mixers is both wide and varied, meaning we will have the perfect solution for your home. Modern Bath Shower Mixers tend to adopt a metric shape and provide your bathroom with a sleek, minimal and streamlined effect.

Victorian 3 Hole Basin Mixer Deck Mounted

If you’re looking to continue a traditional theme inside your bathroom, then the Victorian 3 Hole Basin Mixer is the tap for you. Inspired by Victorian opulence, this sleek 3 holed basin mixer tap mixer comes with a deck-mounted design, which is accompanied by those small intricacies that make traditional taps so appealing.

- Chrome or antique gold finish - This particular tap is available in both chrome and in gold.

- Deck mounted - Designed to be positioned on the wall.

- Water flow aerator - To ensure that you’re saving water when necessary.

- Water flow straightener- To keeping the water straight flowing

- 12 years manufacturer’s guarantee- you can be assured of the quality of this product because of its lengthy 12-year guarantee.

Bath Shower Mixer Pillar Mounted With Shower Kit - Chrome 

If you’re looking to add a prestige finish to your bathroom bathtub, then this bath shower mixer is a worthy contender. Inspired by traditional Victorian fashion, this chrome-plated bath shower mixer is the ideal solution for several reasons.

Firstly, it boasts premium functionality which that it is both highly durable and incredibly sturdy. Secondly, it showcases a traditional design that truly enhances its intended nostalgic and classical effect.  Thirdly, it is incredibly easy to install, meaning that implementing is both stress and hassle-free.

Traditional design - This Pillar mounted bath shower mixer really does help create a traditional and period designed theme within your bathroom and is just as much of furniture piece as it is bathroom tap.

Chrome Finish – Able to create a glimmer within your bathroom, this stunning bath tap comes in a chrome layer that makes it pleasurable on the eye.

- Pillar Mounted - The distinctive pillar mounted bath shower mixer’s height is what make it a truly special spectacle.

- Works with systems with a minimum operating pressure of 0.2 bar

- Easy to install – This system is incredibly easy to install.


YO Series Bath Filler

Inspire your bathroom guests with this exquisite bath filler from Phoenix.  So alluring that it traps your gaze, the YO Series bath filler cleverly uses the contrast of white porcelain versus chrome to create a truly appealing and classical effect.  Made from the sturdiest of brass, this deck mounted bath filler qualifies itself as a truly special bathroom feature that is will last in your bathroom for over a decade to come.

- Period Designed – Like an artefact from the Victorian era, this YO series bath filler is the ideal solution for creating bathroom excellence by adding both style and appeal.

- Chrome finish - The stunning chrome finish on this particular bathroom creates a stunningly luxurious effect.

- Suitable for a low-pressure water system - Requires Min. 0.2 bar Operating water pressure

- Easy to Install- Like other Phoenix taps, this YO series tap is easy to install.

- 10 Years Guarantee from Phoenix- This bathroom tap is bound to last for over a decade.


Bathroom taps play a pivotal in the success of a bathroom, and at Bathroom City we do our best to source bathroom taps from around the globe. For more information on the taps that we provide call today on 0121 743 0700. Or alternatively, call into our unique factory showroom open Monday 09:00-17:30 Friday, Saturday 09:00 -1700, Sunday 10:00- 16:00