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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories complement the overall style of your suite as well as providing additional functionality, with storage in addition to your Bathroom Furniture solutions as well as essentials such as fixings, shower valves and wastes.

Simple additions such as robe hooks, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, toilet roll holders, towel rings and rails, shelves and toilet brush holders provide simple and effective storage to specific bathroom products, ultimately saving space, giving your toiletries a home.



Essential Bathroom Accessories

Whatever your preference, Bathroom City offers a huge range of other accessories to complete your dream installation.

Also, bathroom accessories are rarely supplied as standard so selecting the right style, size and function for your order are essential you can choose accessories separate mix and match or as a package deal from our Affordable Bathroom Suites.

 The first thing to pick is the shape that you like and of course, you need to match up your style with your Bathroom Sinks design. 

A Huge Range of Bathroom Accessories 

With stylish storage solutions including corner shower wire tidy racks and shelf bath racks, Bathroom City delivers a wealth of designs from leading brands.

Bathroom accessories span across both traditional and contemporary chic, guaranteeing a style solution for any setting.

Bathroom City offers over-bath curtain rails in chrome and gold plus excellent shower seats that can be a great addition to any shower.

Bathroom accessories play an important role in bathroom success. Our range of accessories is both wide and diverse, and collectively we provide shower pumps, bathroom fittings, bathroom extractor’s fans, bathroom fixtures, bath wastes, bottle traps, bathroom fittings and fixtures and bathroom showers.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessories for Your Home

Bathroom accessories is a broad term that encompasses lots of products.  From ceiling lights through to bottle traps, bathroom accessories create those small details that make a big difference.

Due to their diversity, it is difficult to make rounded generalisations about accessories. However, there are a few things to think about for when you’re next looking to accessorise your bathroom.

As we have discussed in other product categories, bathroom success is often a result of the entire bathroom décor synchronising as one, as this helps the bathroom to reach its full potential.

So whether your bathroom is traditionally styled or is much more contemporary and modern, it is of the utmost importance that you organise accessories so that they synchronise with existing decoration. Nearly every kind of bathroom accessory adopts some level of style, so make sure you purchase the right accessories for your particular bathroom.

Next is to do with function. Accessories such as shower pumps, bathroom fittings, and bathroom extractor fans serve an invaluable purpose in the bathroom. As do bottle traps, bath wastes, Saniflows and bathroom fixture and fittings.  

Oxford Wall Mounted Shelf

This traditionally designed bathroom shelf is a highly appealing bathroom accessory that adds both character and functionality to your bathroom. Ideal for those looking to continue the theme of an already traditional theme, this unique bathroom accessory is endowed with a contoured design, a richly glossed surface, and is supported by two circular support pins that make it both strong and sturdy.

The attribute that makes this shelf so appealing is its gothic-like design. Whereas generic bathroom accessories tend to use a white or chrome, the oxford shelf turns iron black into something luxurious and beautiful.

- Elegant design - The Oxford Shelf provides a beautiful and elegant design that creates a beautiful and sturdy design.

- Available in a range of finishes - Ceramic with Chrome, Antique Gold or Polished Nickel finishes-

- Concealed Fixings - The concealed fixings on this particular wall shelf create a unified and smooth effect.

-  Height 100mm, Width 530mm, Depth 120mm

- Ideal For Bathroom Decorated in Dark Tones.  


Sv029 Thermostatic Shower Valve & Hose

If you’re looking to improve your bathing experience, add the perfect finishing touches with this Phoenix thermostatic shower valve from Phoenix. Featuring a practical and stylish design, this sleek shower valve will complement your bathtub in both functionality and design. 

This simple and stylish shower valve maintains optimum temperature and provides a sleek and contemporary design with a chrome finish. Not only that but it comes with 5 a year guarantee assuring you of its sustainable quality.

- Chrome finish - The platinum chrome finish of this shower valve adds that prestige quality. 

- Easy to install - Although this shower valve adds long-term quality, it’s very easy to and which creates the ultimate convenience for your bathroom.

- Operating 0.2 bar- This particular shower needs a minimum operating pressure of 0.2.

- 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee - When you purchase this shower valve you can be assured that this product is insured for at least 5 years.

-Modern Designed – Ideal for minimal and modern bathrooms, this thermostatic shower valve is perfect for your bathroom.

Edwardian Single Round Light

If you’re looking for a truly glamorous bathroom light, the Edwardian Single Round Light is the ideal option.

Featuring a versatile and hard-wearing construction, this perfectly round light delivers a traditional look that really enhances the personality of your bathroom.

Made by bathroom luxury specialists Burlington, the stylish light showcases all the premium qualities the brand is famed for. This round light, which was inspired by the Edwardian Era famous for glamorous ship making, perfectly demonstrates the luxury that went with the regal style of this era.  

- Traditional design - Luxury

- Chrome finish -Stunning Chrome Finish

- Pull chord mechanism - One of the characteristic features of this light is its pull chord mechanism that really enhances its perfect appeal.

- Edwardian styling- In an era renowned for its manufacturing and ship making, this round light   epitomises

- Width 160mm, Depth 170mm, Height 250mm

- Easy to install

- 10 years manufacturer’s guarantee- you can be assured this light will last for at least a decade.

Fittings and Fixtures for Every Bathroom Possibility

Bathroom City supplies a vast range of neat accessories for all its products, allowing for a stress-free, easy installation.

If you are unsure of a product’s fitting requirements please contact us and one of our experts will guide you accordingly. 

As Bathroom experts, we’ve come across every kind of bathroom situation. Which is why we’re aware of the importance of fittings & fixtures.

From fixing frames, thermostatic shower valves right through to demister pads for your bathroom mirror, we have the answer for every bathroom requirement, however specific it may be.

Although our bathrooms are built to last, the reality of life can mean that bathroom fixtures and fittings are sometimes needed. Our long-term relationship with bathroom suppliers means we’re able to get the specific fixtures for your bathroom on an as-and-when basis – making your inconvenience a little less inconvenient.    

Our Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures Provide a Quick Solution

There is nothing more annoying than installing a new shower, tap or any other bathroom focal point, only for it to break further down the line. However, as much as a situation like this can be annoying, finding the right solution in a short amount of time can make the initial inconvenience a little more bearable.

 Our three decades in the bathroom industry have meant that we’re able to get an incredibly quick turnaround on the replacement of faulty products. So even if you are in a situation where you need a product quickly, we’ll be able to supply what you need, when you need it.

Fittings & Fixtures- Long-Term Relationship with Bathroom Suppliers

At Bathroom City, our fixtures & fittings are wide and diverse. Our 30 years’ experience & thirst for customer satisfaction means we understand their value and are therefore able to rectify your problems more quickly & effectively.


Bathroom accessories are an invaluable asset to any bathroom, and can really help to take it to the next level. Our current range of bathroom accessories stretches from fixtures and extractor fans to Sani flow and shower pumps. For any more questions, call us today on 0121 753 0700 or come and visit our showroom open Monday – Friday 09:00 -17:30, Saturday 09:00 -17:00, Sunday 10:00-16:00.