• Corner Basin Buying Guide Cover Photo

    Corner Basin Buying Guide

    Corner basin units are stylish yet practical. The main advantage of this basin is its easy and quick installation. A corner basin is the perfect choice for a tiny bathroom. Even in a bigger bathroom, when the accessible space is in a corner, a corner wash basin would be the best choice...
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  • How-to-Unblock-a-Bathroom-Sink

    How to Unblock a Bathroom Sink?

    Are you stuck at home because your bathroom sink is blocked? And with no one around to help you, are you wondering what to do? A blocked bathroom sink is pretty much inevitable someday in every home. And your bathroom sink isn’t an exception. So there’s nothing to worry about. And...
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  • Five-Double-Sink-Vanity-Units-For-Your-Family-Bathroom

    5 Double Sink Vanity Units for Your Family Bathroom

    Sharing a sink with your spouse, kids or anyone else can be a challenge, even at the best of times. But sharing bathroom space is especially taxing when everyone has to get ready at the same time. So, in a family bathroom, having two sinks can be a great time saver. The installation...
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  • Basin-Waste-Guide-When-Buying-A-Bathroom

    Basin Wastes Guide: Everything You Need To Know

    What Does a Basin Waste Do?  A basin waste, also known as sink waste or sink plug, is the passage or waterway in your washbasin. This bathroom accessory, which is almost an afterthought, performs a useful function. It allows water in the wash basin to run off to the main drain....
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  • Top-Five-Budget-Basin-Sink-Units-Cover-Image

    Top 5 Value for Money Basin Sink Units

    A basin vanity unit is, in effect, a combination of a washbasin and storage. This value-for-money bathroom accessory features a gorgeous sink. But that’s not all. It presents you with a clever storage solution for concealing your bathroom essentials, too. This indispensable unit adds...
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  • Basin-Sink-Buying-Guide-2021

    The Most Comprehensive Bathroom Basin Buying Guide

    Choosing the right type of basin can automatically provide a five-star vibe to your bathroom interior. It’s an area that is most noticeable when you first walk into a bathroom, so it’s definitely a purchase that should be given a thoughtful consideration. It’s also one of the most...
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  • Tips-When-Buying-A-Stone-Basin-For-Bathroom

    Top 5 Tips When Buying a Stone Basin Sink

    A wash basin is the most basic amenity in your bathroom. It’s one of those accessories you tend to take for granted and don’t pay much attention to. And you don’t want to sink too much money into it either. But a stone basin sink is different. The reason is a stone wash basin is elegant...
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  • Guide To Bathroom Basins and Sinks

    What Are Different Types Of Bathroom Basins and Sinks ?

    A significant part of your bathroom set up, a bathroom basin/sink can have a real influence on your bathroom’s overall feel. At Bathroom City, we have a wide variety of basins and sinks that are fit for every style of bathroom. Here is a comprehensive guide on both bathroom basins and...
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