Freshen up your bathroom with the contemporary & stylish collection from Jivana.  

The Jivana mini cloakroom suite not only brings compact dimensions but also adds bold contemporary style to your bathroom. Complete your bathroom with a luxurious accessory set that includes a vanity unit, a ceramic basin and a WC unit & toilet. 

The main feature of the Jivana bathroom suite is the luxurious golden elements: gold handle for the washbasin and gold flush toggle for the back-to-wall toilet. The acrylic grey gloss/white mirror-shine surface is another stunning feature that would add a finishing touch to any contemporary bathroom. 

If you are not interested in a major remodel right now, that’s alright. You don’t need to remodel your whole bathroom to enjoy a fresh look. You can upgrade just the washbasin and vanity unit to really perk things up.  

The variety of basins and vanity units in the Jivana Collection ranges from the tiny 325mm floor-standing unit to the family-sized 1500mm double basin unit and everything in between. So, whether it’s a sleek and minimalistic design or an opulent one, the Jivana Collection has it all. You’ll find the perfect set that complements your bathroom.  

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