Square Basins

Modern Aesthetic

In basin design, the square shape is a clear departure from the conventional oval or round basins, offering a strikingly stylish alternative. And when compared to other shapes, square is doubtless a statement-making shape. 

Square basins also exude a modern aesthetic that surpasses the ordinary. With their timeless appearance, they are certain to create a luxurious space. 

The clean lines and perfect 90° angles bring a sense of sophistication, resulting in a centre of attraction that elevates the overall design of your bathroom.

Compact size square basins are also ideal for smaller bathrooms due to their minimal dimensions.

The symmetrical shape of square basins lends geometric delight and contemporary charm. In addition, they pair well with modern bathroom furniture, creating a unified and contemporary look.

High-Quality Materials

Square basins are made from high-quality materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, vitreous china, and natural stone. Some models come with an extended 25-year guarantee, safeguarding you against manufacturing defects.

Square basins are built to withstand daily use. They require minimal maintenance and don’t lose their aesthetic appeal over time. 

While ceramic material is scratch and bleach-resistant, the available colour choice is limited. Porcelain is cost-effective but prone to water absorption.

Vitreous china is a form of porcelain, but it is a non-porous material. Basins made of this durable material come with an extended guarantee period. 

Natural stone – granite, marble, and travertine – basins are almost indestructible and easily last for decades. But basins made of this material are expensive.

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