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 Also known as a bathroom sink, our wash basins are available in a huge range of styles at Bathroom City. Bathroom wash basins and sinks are as stylish as they are essential, which is why at Bathroom City, we have sink designs to suit any environment.

From  wall hung basins to basins with pedestals , countertop basins, semi recessed basins, wall hung basins, stone bathroom basins, designer vanity units, and bathroom wash hand basins – there’s a design for every style of bathroom. For more insight, read our complete guide on bathroom and sinks.

Commonly known as a bathroom sink, wash basins are available in a huge range of styles at Bathroom City.

Bathroom wash basins and sinks are as stylish as they are essential, which is why we place just as much emphasis on product appearance as we do product performance.

We currently provide Wall Hung Basins to Basins with Pedestals, Countertop Basins, Semi Recessed Basins, Wash Basins, Fully Recessed Basins, Stone Bathroom Basins, Designer Vanity Units, En-suite and Cloakroom Sets and Bathroom Wash Hand Basins – so there’s a design for every kind of bathroom.

A bathroom basin is an essential part of your bathroom, and often synchronises with existing decoration. With a wide range of styles to choose from, our bathroom basins can cater for every style of bathroom. 

Contemporary basins give you the opportunity to enhance the modern appeal of your bathroom, and transform the boring bathroom basin into a compelling focal point.

Basins and Pedestals

Our basins and pedestals bring that premium quality that your bathroom deserves. They're ideal for a bathroom with more of a traditional image, but are still able to add a modern touch if necessary. What's more is that a basin with pedestal carry extra support, meaning you can be assured of a long-lasting quality.

Wall Hung Basins

Wall Hung bathroom sinks not only provide more floor space, they also deliver a sleek elegance. Ideal for tighter spaces such as ensuite and cloakroom bathrooms, wall hung basins are a prized possesion due to their ability to create an open and airier bathroom.

At Bathroom City, we have a range of wall hung bathroom sinks that come in both traditional and modern styles, so be sure to check out our wide range today.

Compelling Countertop Basins

Counter Top Basins blur the lines between function and beauty and distuinguish your bathrooms from normality. Our counter top basins are just as much a bathroom ornament as they are a bathroom essential. However, they do tend to be situated in modern bathrooms rather than traditional.

No matter what bathroom image you intend on creating, our range of basins is both wide and accommodating. From small hand basins to traditional bathroom wash basins, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution for your home.

If you’re serious about creating bathroom excellence, getting the right bathroom basin is paramount. Bathroom basins are essential piece of the bathroom puzzle, and contribute significantly towards your bathroom’s overall success. With our huge range of products, we’re confident you’ll be able to get the right one for your home.


Choose from a Wide Range of Bathroom Basins at Bathroom City

Counter Top Basin 90x47


Buy the best in bathroom basin design with the Vb022 Counter Top Basin from Phoenix. The perfect solution for a modern themed bathroom, this countertop basin features a subtly ridged porcelain sink that merges effortlessly into a sturdy oak construction. Providing that perfect contrast against a reflective white and long grained oak, this basin’s stunning chrome tap completes this bathroom masterpiece.     

- Contemporary Design - One of the most compelling features of this particular basin suite is its design. Inspired by penthouse minimalism, the Vb022 has proved to be extremely popular amongst Bathroom City customers.

- Easy To Install - Another factor that makes this basin so appealing is how easy it is to install. 5 minutes work and you’re good to go.

- Made High Quality Material - The prestige white finish of the Vb022 is made from a beautiful white porcelain that you can be assured will last for a long time.

- 5 Year Guarantee - You can be assured that this product will last for a long time.

- Chrome Tap - A beautiful mono-mixer tap is what makes this tap so great.



Inset Basin 520mm 1th

The ideal solution for the modern bathrooms, The Emma Inset Basin boasts a simple design that is adaptable around any style of bathroom sink.  Featuring a round design made from durable material, this wall hung basin is adaptable around any style of modern bathroom.

Round Design - One of the most appealing features about the Emma Inset Basin is its round basin.Creating an organic and smooth bathroom effect, the Emma’s round basin creates an organic and smooth bathroom approach.

               -  Chrome Tap - The beauty of the Emma inset Basin also is based upon its brass tap.

                - Contoured Design - the Emma Inset Basin also has a contoured basin, which makes this  design both adds to the intrigue of this design.

                - Wall Hung Design - Ideal for saving floor space and creating a wall hung- design.

                - Single Tap Hole –  For maximum 

               - Space saving half pedestal design -

Balezza 120 1TH Natural Stone Basins

Cut from natural stone, the Balezza 120 1TH basin is a magnificent addition in any bathroom. Made from 60kg of natural rock, this sink is cut from stone that has existed for millenia. Also available in natural blue stone, the Balezza is capable of transforming a normal bathroom into an extraordinary bathroom. a favourite amongst Bathroom City customers that comes with one tap hole and is designed to be wall hung- included brackets.

- Unique Natural Basalt Washbasin   

- Also available in Natural Blue Stones

- Size Length 1200, Width 470, Height 90

- One Tap hole

- Designed to be Wall-Hung with Included Brackets

At Bathroom City our range of Basins and Sinks is both wide and varied and we currently process a basin and pedestals, counter top basins, semi –recessed basin, fully recessed basins, Ensuite

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