Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Mixer Bath Taps

Bath Shower Mixer Taps allow you to mix hot and cold water to fill the bath to your preferred temperature. As part of a Shower Bath, these taps help create a refreshing showering experience, no matter what your bathroom size.

Bath Mixer Taps also combine the functionality of a bath tap and a handheld showerhead in an easy “all in one” flexible unit. The tap design ensures minimum drilling or structural modifications to the bath area.

If you need help with deciding what to look for when buying bathroom taps, give our Detailed Bathroom Taps Guide a read. Looking for standard bathroom taps? Check out our Full Selection of Bathroom Taps.

Stylish Designs

Bathroom City offers an extensive collection of modern bath shower mixer taps that come in a variety of styles, in several colour options Gold, Black, and Nickel finishes. We also stock Mixer Taps from a wide range of renowned UK Bathroom brands. You can choose from deck-mounted or floor-standing bath mixer tap styles.

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Fantastic Value

Installing a bath shower mixer tap is the perfect solution if your bathroom isn't large enough to accommodate both a bathtub and a separate shower cubicle. These taps allow you to use both your bath & shower effortlessly.

We offer budget-friendly options for bathrooms of all sizes and shapes. Do check out our selection of slipper baths, which will be a perfect match for these Bath Shower Mixer Taps.

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For those who want something a little more contemporary then opt for minimalist options with bold geometric or futuristic-inspired designs that will truly make a bold style statement.

Bathroom City has a wide range of beautiful bath shower mixer taps to explore from value ranges right through to premium luxury brands such as Crosswater, Arcade Collection and Imperial Bathrooms.

Bathroom City’s stunning selection of bath shower mixer taps offers a wealth of eye-catching traditional and contemporary designs, each supplying unique styling at the forefront of current vogue.

Bath shower taps are an ultra-functional complement to any bathroom suite, allowing a solution to bathing and showering in one easy to use design.

Many bathrooms are too small to accommodate both a bathtub and a separate shower cubicle. The solution is a bath shower mixer tap, which transforms your bathtub into fully functional showering space. These bath taps include a built-in shower handset and enable you to either run a relaxing bath or enjoy an invigorating shower depending on your requirements.

Bathroom City Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Types Of Bath Shower Mixer Tap

With a huge selection of bath shower mixer taps on the market, including a deck mounted and wall mounted bath taps, it is vital that you choose one that is suitable for the type of bath you have. Deck mounted taps that attach directly to the bathtub can require anything up to five tap holes to accommodate the handles, diverter, spout and shower handset.

Bathroom City Bath Shower Mixer Tap 5 Hole

Extra holes can be drilled into acrylic baths to accommodate your tap choice however you cannot drill stone and cast iron baths. With such heavy materials you are limited to using any existing holes or if there are no holes then you can choose a wall mounted or floor-standing models.    

Bath Shower Mixer Tap Styles

A beautiful bath shower mixer tap can become a focal point in itself so you need to make sure it complements the overall style of your bathroom installation. A classic bath shower mixer tap with cross-head handles and traditional shower handset with the cradle is the perfect way to capture the elegance of yesteryear.