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The ultimate luxury statement, floor-mounted prestigious bath taps are ideal for complementing freestanding bath installations 

The ria range of bathroom taps has a dedicated freestanding bath tap in its range and is now available in gold black nickel as well as the standard chrome. 


Freestanding Bathroom Taps

What are freestanding bath taps and how are they fitted?  These are designed specifically for free-standing baths that are fitted away from the wall or in the center of the room.  You will need to ensure your water inlet feed to the tap is underground so that the base coller of the tap conceals the pipework.  You must plan fully the position of both bath and tap to ensure the tap when installed is close enough for the spout and lever to clear the edge of the bath and the flow of water is not interrupted. 


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Inspired by style, Bathroom City’s range of freestanding bath taps or bath shower mixers have been exclusively designed for freestanding baths and are available in a wealth of style options from the world’s leading brands.

Both easy-to-use and stunning, floor-mounted bath taps provide an eye-catching finish to any bath installation.

Typically bought to complement a freestanding bath, freestanding taps are the ideal apparatus to create a compelling design as well as a practical bathroom outlet.

Designed and manufactured in a range of styles and a variety of brands, freestanding taps for the bathroom are so much more than water, pouring a charisma into the bathroom that is seldom found elsewhere.

The Style of Your Freestanding Tap

Like any other accessory, a freestanding tap creates the opportunity to express bathroom design. Whether you’re looking to enhance the historic appeal of your bathroom, or instead flaunt its modern and contemporary allure, a freestanding bath will help create the bathroom image you desire.

Regardless of its style, a freestanding tap will be able to give your bathroom a wonderful juxtaposition of height. Unlike standard or wall-mounted bath taps, freestanding beautifully arch over your bath, creating the perfect decoration duet.