Offset Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosures

The distinctive design – one longer side and one shorter side – of an offset quadrant shower enclosure allows you to create a comfortable corner showering area. This shower enclosure typically curves around the corner, making optimal use of the available space. The 1200 x 900 offset quadrant shower enclosures come with a lengthy guarantee. They are available for either left-hand or right-hand corner installation.
Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures complement both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. You can personalise your bathroom by opting for the striking lines of a pentagonal enclosure, or the exquisitely designed seamless curve, or even the chic, semi-frameless design. The compact 1000 x 800 offset quadrant shower enclosure balances style and functionality. This elegant enclosure also gives your bathroom a minimalist appearance.
Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures are made from premium easy clean, toughened glass and high-lustre anodised aluminium frames. The stainless steel tracks are hard-wearing and come with a mirror-polished finish. Every component of this shower enclosure is durable and built to last. The extended guarantee means you can enjoy this robust shower enclosure maintenance-free for decades.




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What is an Offset Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosure?


Bathroom City’s huge range of range shower enclosures solutions come in a range of styles, whether you're looking for contemporary chic or timeless traditional vogue.

With some of the world’s leading brands on board, Bathroom City only supplies the best quality, guaranteeing you a design that will stand the test of time in both style and structure.

A corner is a perfect spot for a shower enclosure, whether it’s featuring as the centrepiece of an en-suite or combined with a bath, furniture and sanitaryware in a large family bathroom suite.

When installing a shower enclosure in the corner of a bathroom suite you need to take into account the space in which you have to work with.

A quadrant shower enclosure is styled in a way that curves around the corner, utilising the space available without having to discount for too much space surrounding the shower enclosure. A popular design amongst Bathroom City customers, quadrant shower enclosures are available in a number of size options.

Offset Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosures: The Perfect Space Saver

Offset quadrant corner shower enclosures offer the space-saving properties of standard quadrant shower enclosures with the added benefit of a more generous “offset” shower space, allowing for a more luxurious showering experience. Giving customers the option to choose a larger shower solution with an offset quadrant corner shower enclosure makes for a versatile complement to any sized bathroom suite.

A lot of us choose to shower over bathing and the beauty of the offset quadrant shower enclosure is the fact that it is a substantial replacement to a bath in a large bathroom, providing a focal point that can stand on its own.

If the shower is going to be the main focus within your bathroom suite, then buying an offset quadrant shower enclosure is a perfect choice, saving space with its curvaceous design but supplying a large showering area, making it perfect for both small and large bathroom suites.  

Bathroom City’s Offset Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosures

Whether you’re working within a budget or looking to splash out on the premium product, Bathroom City’s vast collection of offset quadrant corner shower enclosures offers sizes, styles and prices to suit all situations.

The NRXO1170 Radiance Range offset quadrant corner shower enclosure from Matki Showering delivers all the elite properties associated with Matki products, offering an ultra-durable high-lustre anodised Aluminium frame, robust shower tray available in a range of colours and a sleek soft assist sliding door, making it ideal for saving space.

For a more cost-effective option, the Silver Semi Framed Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure from Lakes Bathrooms delivers a similar sliding door functionality and robust construction, with its toughened safety glass and bold frame.

A popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers, the Lakes offset quadrant shower enclosure mirrors similar premium quality to the Matki offset quadrant enclosure without the price tag, giving customers a more affordable option that doesn’t discount quality.

With the exception of the Lakes offset quadrant shower enclosure, an offset quadrant tends to be a substantial investment due to its versatile design and generous dimensions.

The Merlyn 10 Series 1 Door Offset Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosure is at the forefront of contemporary style, exuding class with its minimalist single sliding door, Mershield glass protection and 10mm thick safety glass, especially when installed with smoked glass for an even more luxurious design.

Whether coupled with a bath and other features or as the primary feature in your bathroom suite, the Merlyn offset quadrant shower enclosure offers the perfect balance of showering luxury, modern styling and long-lasting quality.

If you’re looking to invest in an offset quadrant corner shower enclosure, then Bathroom City is home to a number of designs to suit any modern setting.