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A Bathroom Suite comprises a Sink, Toilet and usually a Shower or Bath. As the most fundamental building block of a new bathroom, it's important that you invest wisely in the right Bathroom Suite. Making the right choice of a durable bathroom suite today will keep you worry-free for years to come. You will get great value for money with our extensive collection of bathroom suites.

Impeccable Designs

You will find a variety of Bathroom Suite Designs - modern, traditional, and contemporary - to suit different bathroom sizes and styles. Our Suites are proudly designed and made in the UK, and we sometimes spend months and years to perfect our designs. So, whether you're looking for a close-coupled toilet, a wall-hung basin unit, or a freestanding bath, you are sure to find an array of options with Bathroom City's choice of Bathroom Suites.

Premium Quality

We create streamlined, stylish, and classy Bathroom furniture designs in various shapes and sizes, using a range of materials. Whether you're shopping for a small ensuite or a large family bathroom, you will find Bathroom suite options, perfect for your style and budget. Our Complete Bathroom Suites will stand the test of time, and last you for years to come.

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Bathroom Suite buyers guide

It may seem an obvious answer, but what exactly do we mean by a Bathroom Suite? Quite simply, it’s a group of products designed to not only be used together but also to complement each other’s design. The exact contents will vary from suite to suite, but they generally include a 4-piece set - Toilet Pan, Cistern and a Basin this is the bathroom industry standard. Others may include a vanity unit for the basin, rather than a pedestal, and some may include a bath to ensure that every object in your bathroom follows the same style you wish to achieve.


Whilst sometimes viewed as the lesser choice, suites have seen a resurgence over the past few years as  the high design has taken hold. Their unified style suite allows designers to make a statement in a unique way.


Why Choose a Complete Bathroom Suite Package?

A suite has a few advantages over selecting each item for your bathroom Separately.

Style and aesthetics within a bathroom can be challenging and matching items from different ranges and manufacturers can be a big problem especially when it comes to sanitary warehouse colours.

Different suppliers use different ceramics from across the world and no two porcelain basins will be the same white colour or texture. In the same way, if you buy a vanity unit made from oak sprayed grey then the next suppliers colour grey will not be the same.

Buying complete bathroom suite packages are not only cheaper but you can be sure the full suite has been put together designed to not only look great but to ensure all the products are compatible which will save you time when it comes to installation plumbing costs.

Finally, it’s usually more cost-effective when compared to purchasing each of your items and units individually, allowing you to purchase more bathroom for your money.


Modern or Traditional Bathroom Design?

This will usually be the first design decision you ask yourself when choosing a new bathroom. Whilst difficult to define, both Traditional and Contemporary suites have some distinguishing features.


Traditional bathroom design  

Traditional designs evoke a classical style. Echoing Edwardian and Victorian design, traditional aesthetics are strongly associated with ornate finishes and period details. High-Level Toilet Cisterns with decorative wall brackets, crosshead taps, roll top slipper baths with scroll style ball and claw feet: all of these are considered traditional styles. Remember when selecting a traditional style that you can still take advantage of modern technology, pairing a classic look with a 21st-century Luxury bathroom experience.


Contemporary Bathroom Design

Defined by its focus on clean lines and bold colours, Modern bathroom suites are more squared in style… with flat surfaces no ornate embellishments or beading.   Contemporary designs will generally have more options available allowing you to find the perfect size and finish for your bathroom.


Favoured by designers, contemporary styles allow design flares you may not expect from your bathroom, such as wall-hung toilets and waterfall taps. The larger selection of sizes and materials will also make a contemporary style the perfect choice for a cloakroom suite.


Careful consideration must be given when choosing whether to go for a modern or traditional design. A modern bathroom may not fit the traditional look of an Edwardian period property, in the same way, a traditional bathroom would be out of place in a modern townhouse. Think about the style you want to achieve and what will complement your property.


Practical Considerations

So, you have decided to purchase a bathroom suite, and have chosen a style. What practical considerations do you need to make? The answers to this question are almost infinite, but we think the following are good places to start.


Bathroom Space

Whichever suite you decide on will be dictated by the space you have to work with. If you are lucky enough to have a large main bathroom, then your choice is almost unlimited. Small bathrooms or cloakroom bathrooms will need some careful planning to make the optimum use of your space. There are many  space-saving suite designs available with reduced depth toilets and basin units.



Buying a Bathroom Suite Package Deal is a great option as they are usually cheaper as a package than buying item by item.   Carefully check what is included and think about what you may require. Things such as radiators, towel rails, toilet roll holders and soap dispensers are usually not included in most bathroom packages. If you want to have these in your bathroom, then this will be an extra expense for you to factor in. Also, remember that the cost of fitting can push your final bill up significantly. Plan what you can afford to spend and remember that money saved in one area can be put towards another. Financing your order may be another option to consider, potentially allowing your budget to increase.


Family Bathroom Suite

If you have a family with young children, then picking a sturdy and considered suite will be paramount. Minimalist designs with smooth lines will be perfect for accident-prone little ones, and soft-close seats will stop small fingers getting trapped. Consider where cleaning products will be stored to keep them out of reach of children, and how easy your bathroom will be able to clean when the inevitable mess occurs.   For sturdiness, features such as an encapsulated baseboard on your bath will ensure that your suite can withstand the rigours of daily family life. Also, do you need to consider older relatives when choosing your bathroom design! Maybe you need to look at our comfort height bathroom suites these include Toilets that are around 40mm higher and easy access baths and showers.


Shower Bath Suite Deals

These are usually the best option for any household it has the bath and shower combined in one making it ideal for all the family whether you prefer a shower or a bath it's there you just need to choose your suite that has with a 4-piece ceramic basin and toilet set of a furniture package with brassware.

Bathroom Fitted Furniture Suite

Fitted suites are perfect for maximizing storage wall to wall the options for colours grey white to black are endless. This streamlined fitted suite-style leaves no hidden gaps or corners to keep clean and choosing a complete fitted furniture design the hard work has been done for you all you need is to match up to our measurements and buy.

Complete Shower Suite

Now, this can be as big or as small as you need.   Whether you need a 2-meter walk-in shower suite or a 700-quadrant suite you can be sure the packing deals has been tried and tested. Or how about a corner bath shower suite.

The good news is that the level of choice in bathroom suites has ballooned over the past few years, meaning you will be able to find the perfect choice regardless of your space. Again, consider the most important elements of your bathroom to you, and start from there.

Set your budget in advance, measure your space and choose your bathroom suite!