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Bathroom City UK has an exclusive range of Bathroom suites comprising a Sink, Toilet, and usually a Shower enclosure or Bath. As the most fundamental building block of a new bathroom, you must invest wisely in making the right choice of a durable bathroom suite today will, keep you worry-free for years to come. You will get great value for money with our extensive collection of bathroom suites.

Impeccable Designs

You will find a variety of Bathroom Suite Designs - modern, traditional, and contemporary - to suit different bathroom sizes and styles. Our Suites are proudly designed and made in the UK, and we sometimes spend months and years perfecting our designs. So, whether you're looking for a close-coupled toilet, a wall-hung basin unit, or a freestanding bath, you are sure to find an array of options. Here at  Bathroom City, we have created many different sets for you to choose from whether it's a cheap bathroom suite or one of our luxury for less suites you can be assured of quality.

Premium Quality

We create streamlined, stylish, and classy Bathroom furniture designs in various shapes and sizes, using a range of materials. Whether shopping for a small ensuite or a large family bathroom, you will find Bathroom suite options, perfect for your style and budget. Our Complete Bathroom Suites will stand the test of time, and last you for years to come. If you are looking for a cheap bathroom suit take a look at our budget collection they are top quality and design. 

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Bathroom Suite Buyers guide

A bathroom suite is a coordinated set of bathroom products designed to complement each other's style and functionality. Typically, it includes a 4-piece set featuring a Toilet Pan, Cistern, and a Basin, with variations that may include a vanity unit or a bath to ensure a unified bathroom style.

What Type Of Bathroom Suite? 

The first question to answer: 


Why Choose a Complete Bathroom Suite Package?

Choosing a complete bathroom suite package offers several advantages:

  • Ensures a cohesive style and compatible design elements.
  • Avoids mismatched items, especially in terms of colours and materials.
  • Saves time and plumbing costs during installation.
  • Generally more cost-effective than buying a bathroom set rather than individual pieces.
  • also keep your eye out for the special-priced bathroom suite deals that are always available. 

Modern or Traditional Bathroom Design?

When deciding between modern or traditional bathroom suit designs:

  • Traditional designs offer classical aesthetics with ornate finishes and period details.
  • Contemporary designs focus on clean lines and bold colors, providing a more squared, minimalist style.
  • Consider your property's style and choose accordingly.

Practical Considerations:

Practical considerations when choosing a bathroom suite:

  • Evaluate available bathroom space, as larger bathrooms offer more design flexibility.
  • Set a budget, considering additional items like radiators, towel rails, and installation costs.
  • Family considerations may influence your choice, with safety features for children and accessibility for older relatives.
  • Shower bath suite deals combine bath and shower options for versatility.
  • Fitted furniture suites maximize storage and come in various colors.
  • Complete shower suites offer various size options, including walk-in and quadrant suites, catering to different space requirements.

With the increasing variety of bathroom suite options, you can find the perfect choice to match your space, preferences, and budget.