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If you're looking for a truly fashionable radiator, our huge range of designer bathroom radiators may be the answer. Exuding individual quality and creating a strong bathroom focal point, our designer radiators come from a breadth of leading brands such as Phoenix, Ultra, and Lazzarini. You may also want to read our blog article on 7 Best Modern Bathroom Radiators Under £300, for some helpful guidance.


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If you want to deliver a premium heating solution for any setting, investing in a designer bathroom radiator creates a warming ambiance for the ultimate bathroom escape.

When you’ve spent a great deal of time and money on designing and installing a swish new bathroom suite, the last thing you want to have to do is detract from all that hard work with a big old-fashioned unsightly heating unit.

Thankfully, here at Bathroom City we have a range of luxury designer bathroom radiators and heated towel rails in a variety of finishes and styles that make an impact in any suite, whether it be traditional or contemporary, as well as providing a high level of heat output for a cosy bathing experience.


Contemporary Modern Style Radiator

A modern bathroom should be completed with an up-to-the-minute state-of-the-art designer bathroom radiator, and Bathroom City has plenty of these available to suit any contemporary suite.

large vertical steal radiator

The Anthracite Xcite Designer Radiator boasts a unique and sleek design that makes a statement in your luxury modern suite as well as offering functionality.


Horizontal Radiator Shape

If you have the wall space available, a horizontal bathroom radiator provides a superb amount of heat and creates a focal point in your bathroom suite. Why settle for anything less than one of our stylish horizontal designer bathroom radiators?

white horizontal radiator

The White Colosseum Triple Radiator is available in a range of sizes and exudes timeless class in any bathroom suite.