Slipper Roll Top Baths

Freestanding Slipper Baths

A slipper bathtub is a type of bathtub that has a footrest built into the tub. This allows you to sit comfortably while soaking in the tub. Slipper baths are freestanding baths available in many designs and sizes. They come in Single-Ended and Double-Ended Designs, and are ideal for large Family Bathrooms or even a spacious ensuite. Slipper Baths make a luxury statement and sit as a focal point in any Bathroom setting, exuding class with its period styling and unique single-ended design. For some helpful guidance, do give our article on Fashionable Free standing Baths a read.   

Small and Large Slipper Baths

Our freestanding Slipper Baths come in variable sizes (1400 mm, 1500 mm, 1700 mm, 1800 mm) making them perfect for mid-sized Ensuite Bathrooms, large family bathrooms, or even as an in-room luxurious Bath experience. Slipper baths are also known as “footbath” or “foot spa”. They are typically used for muscle relaxation and stress relief.

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