1400-1500mm Baths

1400mm Baths | Compact Baths | Space-Saving Design

Worried you won’t be able to squeeze a standard-sized bath into your tiny bathroom? Then a 1400mm bath is the perfect answer. This compact bath doesn’t take up too much space, allowing you to maximise the space in your bathroom. And this petite bath isn’t tiny like a 1300mm or 1200mm small bath. Besides a space-saving design, the top features of this bath include reliable function, splendid craftsmanship, extended guarantee, showering compatibility, and several more. A 1400mm bath does not compromise on quality. You’ll simply fall in love with this subtle beauty, as it ensures you don’t miss out on a relaxing bath every day. A 1400mm bath presents you with a high decorative impact and greater flexibility in placement. The showering compatible models can be modified for better functionality. You can add a glass shower screen to ensure stray splashes don’t land on the bathroom floor. If space is really at a premium in your bathroom, you have an ultra space-saving design to pick, too. The sleek curved design of a corner bath fits in either the left or right corners. This natural design is elegant and impressive. A corner bath is especially handy if your bathroom has an unusual shape.

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