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perfect shower is not complete without a shower valve, and at Bathroom City, our range of designs span across both traditional and contemporary styles ideal for suiting any shower installation, providing both superior function and style.

Depending on your shower installation, Bathroom City provides a wealth of shower valve options that deliver complete control over your showering experience.

What Valve Should I Buy

When purchasing a shower valve, it is important to consider your household needs. do you need a handheld shower head or just an overhead shower head and how about body jets? Next, you need to decide on the type of valve you need such as a pressure balance, thermostatic, or diverter valve. Additionally, you should think about the style, finish, and features that you want from your shower valve. For example, you may want a valve with two outlets or a three-way diverter valve. It is also important to consider the size of the valve and the installation requirements. Once you have considered these factors, you can choose the best shower valve for your needs. A two-way valve has two outlets, allowing water to flow from both outlets simultaneously. A three-way valve is typically a diverter valve, which allows you to switch between two different outlets. A four-way valve is a diverter valve with four outlets, allowing you to switch between four different outlets. These outlets can be a showerhead, an overhead shower, a hand-held showerhead, or body jets. The designs, shapes, and styles of shower valves vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. For example, some valves may have a sleek, modern design while others may have a more traditional look. You may also want to consider the finish of the valve, as it should match the rest of your bathroom fixtures. When it comes to choosing between exposed and concealed shower valves, the main difference is in their installation. An exposed shower valve is installed outside of the wall, meaning it is visible and easy to access. A concealed shower valve is installed within the wall, making it less visible and more difficult to access. The type of valve you choose will depend on the look you want for your bathroom, as well as the ease of installation. The difference between thermostatic and nonthermostatic valves is that thermostatic valves are designed to maintain a consistent temperature. This is done by automatically adjusting the water flow to maintain a set temperature. Non thermostatic valves do not have this feature, and thus the temperature of the water can fluctuate more.

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What is a Thermostatic Shower Valve?

Thermostatic shower valves mix the hot and cold water supply to a designated temperature and keep it there. Reacting instantly to any changes in the water pressure or temperature, a thermostatic shower valve will adjust the mix of hot and cold water to maintain a constant temperature. Should the cold water supply fail then the thermostatic shower valve will shut down automatically. You can find these valves in many shower units including thermostatic mixer showers and thermostatic digital showers.

Why Should I Choose A Thermostatic Shower Valve?

There are three main reasons why thermostatic shower valves can be a great addition to your shower installation.

1. Safety

The primary function of a thermostatic shower valve is to provide a safe showering environment for all the family. Wherever there is hot water there is the chance of a scalding accident, with children and the elderly most at risk. A thermostatic shower valve prevents such accidents by allowing you to select the optimum temperature that the valve then maintains.

2. Convenience

Sometimes there isn’t the time to fiddle with the shower controls – at first too hot, then too cold. You just want to immediately enjoy an invigorating shower and get on with your day. A thermostatic shower valve means you can immediately enjoy your showering experience – even if another person in your household starts using a tap or shower elsewhere in the house at the same time.

3. Economy

Installing a thermostatic shower valve could save water and energy too. With their efficient functionality, a thermostatic shower mixer could pay for itself in a short period of time.

What is a Concealed Shower Valve?

A concealed shower valve is simply where the valve is hidden behind the wall of your shower enclosure with only the control plate and handles being visible. For this reason, concealed shower valves are a great choice for achieving a clean, streamlined look as most of the ugly pipework is kept out of sight. There is a huge range of shaped wall plates and a variety of different handle options for you to complement your bathroom interior.

Although they are encased in the wall, concealed shower valves are designed to be accessible if there are any problems, with the handles themselves being easily removable for cleaning or replacing if necessary. However, the main disadvantage of concealed shower valves is the expense, disruption and mess associated with the building work needed to install them.

What is an Exposed Shower Valve?

Unlike a concealed shower valve, an exposed shower valve keeps the working parts hidden, usually in a horizontal bar that attaches to the wall. While this doesn’t give such the streamlined look of a concealed shower valve, it is normally cheaper to buy and easier to install. Exposed shower valves are a great option if your shower area has solid brick walls that cannot house a concealed shower valve.

At Bathroom City we have a wide range of thermostatic shower valves, exposed shower valves and concealed shower valves from all the leading brands so you are sure to find the ideal valve for your shower installation.