Small Vanity Units

Ideal for Compact Spaces

A small cloakroom vanity unit is a beautiful space-saving furniture piece that can work harmoniously in your bathroom. This slim or reduced-depth vanity unit will be the perfect fit if your bathroom is especially compact. With this unit, you can create a bathroom that does not hinder your movement. We have created a handy Top 5 Small Vanity Units Guide, to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Both freestanding and wall-hung options are ideal for compact spaces. A wall-hung vanity unit, however, frees up valuable floor space. Hence, it is a better fit than a freestanding unit, as it helps you to exploit every square inch of space. Even a miniature 325mm basin unit can boost bathroom storage and help you organise your toiletries, cosmetics and linens.

Sufficient Storage

In a small bathroom, using the awkward under-sink area optimally can be a game-changer in terms of creating more storage space. This is precisely where a small vanity unit with sink is worth its weight in gold. You can add a touch of class with this timeless creation.

But don’t let its slim or reduced-depth design fool you. A small bathroom vanity unit is highly functional in terms of creating more storage space. You can conceal all your lotions and potions in this unit. And you can also create an illusion of space even in the tiniest of bathrooms.

Competitive Prices

The minimalist and modern small bathroom vanity units are priced competitively. Both the contemporary and traditional furniture pieces are affordable for any budget. The price range is truly broad, and prices start right from £95. The mid-range units are priced reasonably from £408 to £582. You have a choice selection in this range. The selection in the premium range is also truly exceptional. And the price range of premium units is from £820 to £1,136. So regardless of whether you’re undertaking a remodelling or new project, affordability shouldn’t be a factor.

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1. Do Small Vanity Units Come with Storage Options?

Small vanity units offer various storage options, including drawers, cabinet shelves, and open shelves. Savvy space-saving units feature wide and deep drawers with dividers for organisation. Some units combine closed and open storage for toiletries and linens.

2. Are Small Vanity Units Budget-Friendly?

These compact vanity units are budget-friendly, catering to various price points. Models start at £99.00 for the smallest dimensions, while mid-range units range from £117.00 to £368.00. Premium options with additional fixtures like LED mirrors or mirror shelves cost between £1,103.00 and £2,026.00.

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3. How Do I Choose the Right Size of a Small Vanity Unit for My Bathroom?

To choose the right size, measure your available space accurately, considering door swings. Leave approximately 24 inches of space in front of the unit, and opt for a narrow-depth unit if space is limited. Review not just the width but the depth of the unit reduced depth vanity units can start from around 100mm perfect for tight spaces.