Large Showers and Walk In Showers

Large Walk-In Shower Enclosures

A walk-in shower in your bathroom makes a luxury statement. It’s elegant and effortlessly spacious. The smooth transition from bathroom to showering space delivers a striking contemporary finish. Another major advantage is cleaning is easy and fast. The entire showering area is easy to reach. So it’s easy to clean and prevent the build-up of limescale and mildew, eliminating unpleasant odour and microbial growth. 

Amazing Variety

A doorless walk-in shower enclosure is a practical and easy-access showering solution. You can choose from our vast range of both traditional and contemporary options. All our walk-in showers are available in three colours :   Gold, Black, or Chrome, and are available from 1200mm 1300mm 1400mm 1600mm 1700mm 1800mm 1900mm up to 2000mm

Replace Bath for Walk-in Shower

It is easy to replace your bath with a walki-n shower the variety of sizes 1700 1800 1900 and bigger are built with bath sizes in mind so installation is fast and efficient The walk-in glass thickness is important as the thicker the glass the more sturdy and stronger the walkin. All shower glass is toughened for safety 



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What is a Walk-In Shower 

A walk-in shower does not have a door it's an easy-access shower they are available in all sizes and the larger sizes have space for standing and drying yourself. 


Main glass walk-in panel with safety bar for corner wall installations 

Main glass walk-in glass screen safety bar and either 1 or 2 glass end panels This can be for a freestanding installation 

You then have the option of a glass return that fits the front main glass screen to ensure water does not spray out into your bathroom. 

The main glass walk-in screen sizes start from 1200mm wide and go up to 2000mm 

The walk-in is a seamless product without hinge doors or moving parts so the cleaning and maintenance are kept to a minimum.


What's the Difference Between a Walk-in Shower and a Wet Room?

Walk-in showers are generally installed with a shower tray and a wet room is installed directly onto a tanked sealed floor.