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Large Showers and Walk In Showers

Large Shower Enclosures & Walk-In Showers

Ideal for larger bathroom suites, large showers and walk-in showers are an eye-catching solution which offer a grand clean showering space which sits as a focal point in any modern installation.

With a wealth of designs from leading brands such as Matki and Kohler Daryl, Bathroom City offers a huge number of quadrant shower enclosures, large showers and walk in showers.

Large Showers and Walk-in Showers

Traditional and Contemporary Walk In Showers

Our collection of showers spans both traditional and contemporary solutions, guaranteeing a look and feel that will sit at the focal point of your bathroom.

Our walk-in shower units come in many different styles, whether modern is your thing or not. Everyone can enjoy a walk in shower.

Our large shower enclosures come equipped with walk in shower trays to ensure that you have everything you need.

Walk-In Shower Enclosures

With the popularity of the shower increasing, shower enclosures are beginning to replace the more traditional bath with many people preferring the convenience of a shower.

For real shower lovers, adding a large shower or walk-in shower to their bathroom suite is a luxurious statement that provides a generous showering space and sometimes a drying area too.

One of the key advantages of investing in a large shower or walk-in shower is the spacious showering area, delivering supreme comfort as a complement to your bathroom, making it a viable alternative to having a bath at the focal point of your bathroom.

Walk-in showers are a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers thanks to their almost seamless transition from bathroom to showering area, supplying a simple contemporary finish.

One of the fantastic advantages of investing in a walk-in shower is its easy to clean properties, harnessing no hard to reach areas where limescale and mildew can build up, increasing the life of your shower enclosure.

Some of Bathroom City’s customers look to add a walk-in shower to their family bathroom to sit alongside an existing bath installation; this works particularly well as walk-in showers work perfectly without a shower door, allowing for a more versatile solution.

At Bathroom City we encounter plenty of questions everyday concerning our range of large showers and walk-in showers and we understand that it can be a particularly daunting process making a purchase online so we have compiled some of our most frequently asked questions.

What's the Difference Between a Walk-in Shower and a Wet Room?

Harnessing some of the same properties, walk-in showers offer the same space and a similar design as a wet room with the addition of a shower tray, making for a more versatile solution that is easier to install in any bathroom suite.

Which Brands Design the Best Large Showers and Walk-in Showers?

Some Bathroom City’s popular brands for large showers and walk-in showers include Aquadart, Lakes Bathrooms, Matki Showering and Merlyn Showering.