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Cloakroom Bathroom Suites are ideal for cloakrooms, en-suite, and small bathrooms. Designed to be practical and compact, they are usually attached to the bedroom ensuite or can be found under the stairs. These small Bathroom Suites usually have an integrated Cloakroom Toilet and Sink Unit, offering a space-saving design. If you'd like to learn more about Cloakroom Vanity Units, please refer to our friendly Bathroom Suites Buying Guide to help inform your decision.

As one of the UK's biggest online Bathroom Stores, we stock a large number of cloakroom sets, so visit our collection online or in-store.

Space Saving Design

The striking feature of this cloakroom vanity unit is its space-saving design. But don’t be deceived by its size. This space-efficient bathroom vanity is not just elegant, but it’s functional, as well. The drawers or shelves of this pint-sized unit present you with generous storage space. You can easily conceal all your bathroom essentials and still have some space left.

Affordable Price

Cloakroom vanity basin units are primarily of two types: floor-standing and floating (wall-hung). But these furniture pieces are available in a host of sizes, shapes, colours, materials and storage options. The low-priced models cost less than £100. Even the mid-range units are easily affordable at £175 to £599. All the units, regardless of the price, are durable and fully guaranteed.




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Smaller Bathroom Suites at Bathroom City

Bathroom City is home to a large range of cloakroom products designed to fit in compact, smaller spaces without affecting floor space. These products, such as cloakroom toilets and cloakroom vanity basins, are as practical as they are stylish.

Small Cloakroom Suites in all Styles

Our expertise spans across every aspect of modern bathroom layouts, from the furniture we make to the design of our pans and cisterns.You can rest assured in the confidence that our bathroom store has everything to realise your smaller bathroom ambitions, from accessories and components, through to the tools to perform an entire small bathroom makeover.

Whether you’re looking for a simple basin and toilet or you would like to branch out to a small shower for your secondary bathroom, Bathroom City’s collection of cloakroom suites and small bathroom suites offers a base to begin your dream installation, allowing your family peace and harmony each morning.