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Cloakroom Suites


Ensuite bathroom and cloakroom suites are designed to be practical and compact and are usually found attached to the bedroom or under the stairs. However, their lack of size doesn't mean they cannot be a luxurious bathroom suites.

Our cloakroom designs and small suites offer the ultimate in bathroom convenience, and can even be used to increase the value of your home. Usually consisting of both a cloakroom toilet and basin at a minimum, smaller bathrooms offer practicality in a compact space.

Bathroom City is home to a large range of cloakroom products designed to fit in compact, smaller spaces without affecting floor space. These products, such as cloakroom toilets and cloakroom vanity basins, are practical as they are stylish.

For more advice on how best to design your small bathroom suite, read up on our tips on how to maximise smaller bathroom potential.

Small Cloakroom and Ensuite Suites in all Styles

At Bathroom City, our expertise spans across every aspect of bathroom excellence, from the furniture we make, to the design of our pans and cisterns.

Bathroom City has everything to realise your smaller bathroom ambitions, from accessories and components, through to the tools to perform an entire small bathroom makeover.

Cloakroom Toilets and Basins

Unlike regular toilets and basins, cloakroom toilets and basins are specifically made for smaller and cloakroom bathrooms. Featuring all the benefits of regular toilets and basins, our cloakroom sets still manage to provide style, elegance and personality to your bathroom. 

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas for Your Home 

Providing access fromyour bedroom ensuite bathrooms are often viewed as a luxury. Ensuites typically provide the ultimate functionality and a high level of convenience because of where they are situated. They also tend to be decorated in conjunction with how their partnering bedroom is decorated, and work most effectively when they are thoroughly thought out in terms of layout.

At Bathroom City, we host everything necessary to work wonders with smaller and ensuite bathrooms. Whether you’re looking for a variety of cloakroom design options, bathroom ensuites designs, or even small cloakroom designs, our vast range of products will cater for all of your needs.

Scroll through our designs, or call us today on 0121 753 0700 to find more information on our smaller bathroom suites, cloakroom suites and ensuites.  

The en-suite bathroom provides a safe haven literally seconds from your bed. Getting up and ready is hard enough as it is, especially in winter. Nobody likes taking that first chilly step from underneath your warm duvet, or facing the dark unknown depths of the hallway to make it to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Whether it’s fitted with just a toilet and basin, or even fitted with a shower installation, the en-suite deserves a great deal of respect; it’s simply been making life easier since its creation.

The common en-suite is relatively compact, designed specifically for when space is at a premium, unless of course you live in Beverly Hills and have an en-suite the size of a terraced house.

With a compact design comes compact furniture, and so designing a perfectly proportioned en-suite requires close attention to dimensions and selecting furniture which takes up little space but creates space with storage, floor standing legs and wall mounted fittings.

Bathroom City has a huge range of en-suite bathroom furniture made to order or in stock at our cash and carry warehouse.

When choosing furniture for a compact bathroom space there are a few things to take into consideration but none more important than the dimensions of the bathroom furniture, including the space it leaves from every angle, even when doors or drawers are open to their fullest.

A common issue customers have is not taking this into consideration and developing an en-suite where the chosen furniture ends up requiring some sort of skill to use correctly e.g. you can only reach the baby wipes at the back of the drawer if you have one leg in the shower and one hand balanced on the cistern.

Fortunately, compact en-suite bathroom furniture is a popular market, with thousands of differing proportions on offer to suit a full range of spaces.

Possibly one of the most space saving designs is a wall hung vanity unit. Wall hung furniture allows for space underneath, creating additional floor space which may not seem enough to warrant a purchase, but really comes into its own when finally fitted.

Moreover, as well as adding floor space - great for your feet when standing at the basin - a wall hung basin is a lot easier to clean then floor standing furniture, extinguishing the need to get on your hands and knees and scrub the tough contours and grout lines between the floor and furniture.

Bathroom City is home to a wealth of complete cloakroom and small bathroom suites to make our customer's experience even easier, as well as individual compact bathroom features such as wall hung vanity units, small vanity units, wall hung toilets and WCs and corner bathroom furniture.

Why Choose a Cloakroom Suite or Small Bathroom Suite?

There is nothing worse then an over crowded bathroom, with the entire family’s morning routine colliding to create an explosion of toothpaste, shower gel and shouting. With tensions running high and just one bathroom to share, it might be time to consider investing in a cloakroom suite or a small bathroom suite to cater for the whole family, especially during the hustle and bustle of the morning rush.

Having decided on a room to develop as a cloakroom or small bathroom suite, it’s time to take a look at the products you wish to feature in your installation, whether a simple basin and toilet will change the dynamics of your family home or a small shower to prevent the queues and tantrums at 7am.

Small Bathroom Ideas

Small bathroom are not as bad as one might think. In fact, a well presented, intelligently designed smaller bathroom can be just as impressive as a larger bathroom. But it has to be designed properly. To help the people who have smaller bathrooms and are unsure how to get the best out of them, here are 6 things you can do:

Use the same tiles on the floor & wall

It’s a simple trick that can make your smaller bathroom look considerably bigger. Not only do these natural stone tiles create an airier feel, they also make your bathroom look like a sought after room in a luxury spa. If you think that natural stone tiles make your smaller bathroom look too neutral, you can buy a number of accessories to spruce it up.

Choose Simple Furniture for Your Small Bath

Believe it or not, simple furniture can have a profound impact on your small bathroom’s appearance. Simple furniture is more effective because it creates more a minimalist feel, and is therefore more likely to maximise the space you do have.

Accessorise strategically

If you don’t have the budget to perform a complete makeover, accessories are the answer. The best thing to do is choose a particular theme and stick to it. Whether it’s floral, traditional, minimal or modern, make the effort to ensure all of your mirrors, lighting & soft furnishing synchronise naturally.

Create a Wet Room

A wet room is the perfect way to maximise a smaller space & simultaneously add value to your property. Perfect for loft conversions, wet rooms are able to transform what was once an awkward space into an interesting & vogue focal point.

Purchase Mobile Furniture

If space is slightly tight, mobile furniture gives you the opportunity to re-create space is certain bathroom situations. Compared to their fitted counterparts, mobile furniture gives you complete flexibility. They also look as good as fitted furniture does. 

Smaller Bathroom Suites at Bathroom City

Bathroom City’s Popular Cloakroom and Small Bathroom Solutions

To save our customers time and money, Bathroom City’s experts have compiled a number of cloakroom and small bathroom suites that can installed straight out the box, without the need for customers to choose each individual component.

The Drift Cloakroom Suite from Jax Bathrooms is particularly useful for compact spaces, combining a slimline vanity unit that provides generous storage within its integral cupboard, perfectly balancing style an practicality, especially couple with the simple but effective Jax Close Coupled Toilet.

Similarly, the Spark Mercury Black Cloakroom Suite also from Jax Bathrooms provides another slimline design that can fit in the tightest of spaces, with the Spark Mercury Vanity Unit taking centre stage with its unique high gloss black glaze.

For a more traditional look to stand the test of time, the Juliet Traditional Bathroom Suite combines high splashbacks and classic details for a look which captures the essence of yesteryear, ideal for smaller bathrooms rather than cloakroom suites due to its slightly larger dimensions.

Again, if you have a little more space to play with, the 45 Suite from Phoenix is a great option, offering ample storage within its vanity unit and a sleek contemporary design with its back to wall unit that conceals the cistern and provides a small amount of storage and top.

Whether you’re looking for a simple basin and toilet or you would like to branch out to a small shower for your secondary bathroom, then Bathroom City’s collection of cloakroom suites and small bathroom suites offers a base to begin your dream installation, allowing your family peace and harmony each morning.