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Our huge range of electric showers and power showers provide the ultimate convenience, premium functionality, and style.

Investing in an electric or power shower allows for a versatile solution, ideal for fitting in suites where traditional methods of installation are not possible.

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Both practical and stylish, Bathroom City’s vast range of electric and power showers offers traditional and contemporary designs to create the perfect shower for any setting.

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The Benefits of an Electric Shower

If you want to buy a shower that meets all the requirements of your household then you need to consider the type of water system and water pressure you have. This handy guide will give you some of the main pros and cons of electric showers and power showers. If you are unsure about what choice to make it is well worth getting advice from an experienced plumber

Electric showers are an extremely popular choice among Bathroom City customers and there are several key reasons why this is.

1. Suitable For All Homes

Electric showers have an element built-in to heat the water which means you can enjoy a hot shower even with just a cold water supply. An electric shower can be installed in any home, no matter what type of hot water system it has, and if your boiler happens to break down it will not affect your ability to have a hot shower.

2. No More Cold Showers

If all the water in your home is heated centrally with a boiler, it isn’t uncommon for large families to run out of hot water before everyone has had their morning shower. As electric showers heat the water just before the shower is taken it ensures that piping hot water is always available as and when you want it.

3. More Energy Efficient

Many traditional boilers will heat an entire tank of water, which will gradually cool over time, resulting in large amounts of energy being wasted. As an electric shower only heats up the water when it’s needed, it means that less energy will be wasted. Installing an electric shower results in only the water you use being heated so some households could save on their energy costs.

Electric showers have the disadvantage of a weaker water flow than power showers, although some models can come with an in-built pump to combat this. Lime-scale build up is also a common problem with electric showers.

The Benefits of a Power Shower

A power shower is another option if you are looking enjoy the ultimate in luxurious showering.

1. Boosts Water Pressure

Low water pressure can severely reduce the pleasure of your showering experience – not to mention make it more difficult to wash off those soap suds. A power shower is specifically designed to overcome this problem. Also known as a pumped shower, a power shower boasts an integrated pump to deliver a more powerful water flow.

2. Ideal For Most Gravity Fed Systems

A power shower can be installed in almost any bathroom that has a gravity fed system where both hot and cold water supplies are available. Water is taken from both supplies and blended by a mixer valve to produce the perfect water temperature.

A downside of power showers is that they generally use more energy and water than electric showers so this is well worth taking into account if you have a water meter.