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A high-performing shower head can be a satisfying upgrade, as it can enhance your showering experience. It can not only transform your morning routine but also make getting clean feel delightful.

Bathroom City offers a range of shower handsets and shower arms with diverse functions and designs.

You can personalise your shower experience with the spray settings you desire. You can also choose a shower head with one or several of the following spray options: power spray, rainfall, waterfall, jet, full body, and massage. 

Choose a finish that makes a style statement and brightens your day. Stainless steel, chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, and polished brass are the most durable finishes. 

Ensure the taps, drawer handles, towel rails, toilet flush lever, and other hardware complement your shower head for cohesion. 

A multi-function shower head is the perfect choice, as it allows you to change the water pressure and spray pattern.

Flexible Installation

The shower heads can be recessed into the wall or ceiling or integrated as part of a riser rail, offering flexibility in installation options.

You can also mount a fixed shower head on the wall and set it at the desired angle. The riser rail will permit you to adjust the height. 

The rain shower head is the most popular option in the fixed shower head category. You can mount this extra-large shower head on the wall or ceiling to create a realistic experience of standing under rainfall. 

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How to Choose the Right Showerhead for Your Bathroom

Once you've settled on the style, shape, and size of your shower enclosure, it's time to consider coordinating showerheads, shower handsets, and shower arms to complete your shower installation. With a wide array of options available, including fixed showerheads, shower roses, hand-held showerheads, low-pressure handsets, and shower arms, selecting the most suitable solution for your shower enclosure can be a daunting task. To simplify your decision-making process, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions related to showerheads:

  1. What is a Fixed Showerhead?

    • Fixed showerheads are securely attached to a shower arm or wall, providing a stationary showering experience. They are ideal for shower enclosures and bath shower installations, offering a stylish and functional solution. However, their fixed nature limits the direction of the water spray.

  2. What is a Shower Arm?

    • Shower arms are small components that connect the showerhead to the water supply behind the wall or ceiling. They serve both functional and decorative purposes, allowing you to update your shower's look by simply replacing the showerhead.

  3. What is a Shower Handset?

    • For greater flexibility, consider a shower handset, also known as a hand-held showerhead. These are connected to the water supply via a hose, allowing you to direct the water where needed. Mounting the handset on a slider rail enables height adjustment, and it can also be removed for precision showering or cleaning.

  4. What is a Multi-Function Shower Handset?

    • Multi-function shower handsets offer various jet options, such as soft massage, deep scrub, or a gentle mist, providing a customized showering experience.

  5. What is a Shower Rose or Rose Showerhead?

    • Rose showerheads, resembling a classic rose shape, add a touch of traditional charm to your bathroom. They are a popular choice among those aiming for timeless elegance.

  6. What Are Low-Pressure Handsets and Showerheads?

    • Low-pressure handsets and showerheads are designed for systems with low water pressure (around 0.2 bar). They ensure a sufficient water flow without requiring an additional shower pump.

Selecting the right showerhead should complement your bathroom's style. Whether you prefer a vintage, traditional look or a sleek, modern design, Bathroom City offers a vast range of options from leading brands to suit your needs.

Shower Body Jets:

If you prioritize a high-quality shower over a large bath, adding shower body jets to your shower enclosure can offer a more luxurious showering experience. These jets provide deep massaging options and relaxation, enhancing your shower routine. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding shower body jets:

  1. Are shower body jets compatible with any shower?

    • Shower body jets require a high-pressure system for compatibility. Ensure you have a compatible diverter for proper functionality.

  2. How do I install body jets in my shower?

    • A professional plumber will install your shower body jets based on your specifications, ensuring compatibility with your high-pressure system and diverter.

  3. Can I get body jets with different spray options?

    • Yes, Bathroom City offers a wide range of shower body jets with various spray options, including mist, spray, jet, and more.

  4. Do shower body jets need to be from the same brand as my shower mixer?

    • No, the brand of the shower body jets does not need to match the shower mixer. The key requirement is that the shower mixer has enough valves to control both the shower and the additional body jets.

Elevate your shower experience with the perfect showerhead and consider the luxurious addition of body jets to enjoy a personalized and rejuvenating bathing experience.