Modern Towel Rails

Efficient Towel Drying

Modern towel rails are designed with improved heat distribution, ensuring efficient towel drying. They provide a quick and effective way to warm and dry towels. Like conventional electric heaters, towel rails are fully efficient at the point of use. They convert 100% of the power they draw into usable heat, ensuring you pay only for the number of units you use. Since electric towel rails are not linked to plumbing, they are virtually maintenance-free.

Dual Functionality

All modern towel rails offer space for hanging towels. Several models also serve as radiators. They not only keep the towels warm and dry but also contribute to heating the bathroom space. Electric towel rails are standalone units. Since they are completely independent from the rest of the heating, you can warm up your bathroom when needed for lower utility bills. You can choose towel rails made from different materials in a wide range of sizes in matt black, polished, or brushed finishes.

Space-Saving Design

Modern towel rails come in sleek, space-saving designs. They are ideal for bathrooms of any shape and size. Wall-mounted or freestanding options allow you to maximise the bathroom space without compromising on style. This space-saving bathroom accessory offers practicality and a luxurious, designer look. The wall-mounted models are unique. Both horizontal and vertical versions enable you to use every square inch of wall space without making any concession to your personal taste.

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