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A contemporary bathroom is simply incomplete without a modern vanity unit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in a tiny vanity or an extra-large double vanity. As you’ll see below, we stock a large assortment of thoughtful designs. The ultra-modern designs will not only stand the test of time but also transform your bathroom into something breathtaking.

Each one of these vanities is a perfect combination of ultra-modern design and superior craftsmanship. You can choose from wall hanging, freestanding, floor standing, double sink, or combination cloakroom options. Also, read our helpful Vanity Units Buying Guide that answers several important questions on buying the right vanity unit for your bathroom.

Value for Money

Our modern bathroom furniture pieces are made of durable materials that last long. Most of the modern vanity units in our collection come with an extended guarantee. The furniture pieces are priced realistically, and they are affordable for any budget. The prices start right from £95, and the price range is pretty wide. The mid-range units are priced reasonably from £415 to £981. You have a huge choice in this range. The selection in the premium range is huge, too (price range: £1,010 to £2,212). So affordability shouldn’t be an issue.

Wide Selection

Want to buy minimalist or ultra-maximalist furniture for your bathroom? No problems. You’ll find both. We’re confident you’ll find the best furniture piece that complements your bathroom in our vast luxury bathroom furniture collection. Our modern bathroom vanity units are unmatched in design, splendour and exclusiveness. The furniture pieces also feature different dimensions, materials, accessories, colours and storage options.

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1. What Defines a Modern Vanity Unit? 

A modern vanity unit boasts a minimalist and trendsetting design, marked by clean lines, precise shapes, and sharp angles. Crafted from high-quality materials like engineered wood, natural wood, glass, stone, and metal, these units prioritize space utilization. Engineered wood is commonly used, while glass and metal accents add a sleek finish. Durable natural stone washbasins are a preferred choice. Premium models may feature Bluetooth speakers, sensor taps, under-shelf LED lights, and built-in charging points for added convenience and functionality.

2. What Are the Latest Trends in Modern Vanity Unit Designs?

Modern trends encompass floating units, integrated sinks, and minimalist aesthetics. Floating vanities create a spacious feel with their wall-mounted design, offering a stylish and contemporary look. Customization options allow you to tailor storage configurations. Integrated sinks seamlessly blend with the countertop, enhancing overall bathroom aesthetics. Minimalism in design promotes an uncluttered and organized space, emphasizing visual beauty.

3. Can I Install a Modern Vanity Unit as a Single or Double Vanity?

Selecting between single and double vanity units depends on bathroom usage. Single vanities come in standard widths of 18 to 48 inches, with varying depths and heights, suitable for guest bathrooms or small spaces. Wall-mounted options save floor space. Double sink vanity units range from 48 to 72 inches in width and 18 to 21 inches in depth, ideal for master and Jack-and-Jill bathrooms.

4. Can I Pair a Modern Vanity Unit with Traditional Bathroom Fixtures?

Modern vanity units are versatile and can complement diverse bathroom styles, including traditional fixtures. While traditional fixtures exude vintage charm, modern units offer a contemporary look. Mixing them can create a unique and cohesive design. Thoughtful selection of metal finishes, color elements, and textures can bridge the gap between modern and traditional styles. For traditional bathroom sets, Bathroom City offers dedicated options.