Bifold Shower Enclosures

Bifold Shower Enclosures

Bifold shower Enclosures are high on functionality and space utilisation. These sleek and compact Cubicles open inwards into the showering area. This ensures less water drips outside, minimising accidental slips. Bifold shower doors also present your bathroom with a sleek and modern appearance. The doors take up minimal space and allow quick shower access – especially useful for the elderly or disabled. 


Different Sizes

Even if your bathroom is small or awkwardly shaped, you don’t need to worry. Bifold Shower Enclosures can come to the rescue. For instance, Matki Colonade offers three different Cubicle sizes: The smallest bifold shower door is from the radiant range which is 700mm wide and also available 760mm 800mm, and 900mm. Radiant Bifold Range side panels are available to create a full Bifold Shower Enclosure. in all sizes.

Quality & Flexibility

Bifold Shower Doors may be suitable for bifold shower enclosures as well as recessed spaces. The Bifold Shower Doors are set on sturdy rollers mounted on hard-wearing tracks. Other features include concealed fixings and clear safety glass. You can choose from different materials and colours. Black Chrome Or White. 

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Bifold Shower Enclosures

Bifold shower enclosures are a smart choice for small or oddly shaped bathrooms. These enclosures feature a folding door mechanism that saves space by folding the door into and to the side of the enclosure. Bifold shower doors are available in many different width options and are available with inline and side panel options.

Bifold shower doors are perfect for maximizing bathroom space, whether it's in a compact en-suite or a spacious bathroom, offering practicality without compromising design.

The bifold Shower door height a standard height of 1850mm height then you need to add the height of your shower tray to see the overall headroom space you have available. 

If the height is a problem and you need a low-height shower door enclosure then there is an alternative special range of Radiant reduced height shower doors and enclosures 1750mm in height you may wish to consider.