Bifold Shower Enclosures

Bifold Shower Enclosures

Bifold shower Enclosures are high on functionality and space utilisation. These sleek and compact Cubicles open inwards into the showering area. This ensures less water drips outside, minimising accidental slips. Bifold shower doors also present your bathroom with a sleek and modern appearance. The doors take up minimal space and allow quick shower access – especially useful for the elderly or disabled. 

Bi-fold shower enclosures are available in a range of different size options for them to fit in any installation, whether it is a compact en-suite or a large family bathroom.

Different Sizes
Even if your bathroom is small or awkwardly shaped, you don’t need to worry. Bifold Shower Enclosures can come to the rescue. For instance, Matki Colonade offers three different Cubicle sizes: bifold shower doors 700mm, 800mm and 900mm. Romano Bifold Shower Enclosures are available in four different sizes: 760mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm. Similarly, other brands offer more options. These contemporary Enclosure Cubicles are available in different widths, too.
Quality & Flexibility
Bifold Shower Doors may be suitable for bifold shower enclosures as well as recessed spaces. The Bifold Shower Doors are set on sturdy rollers mounted on hard-wearing tracks. Other features include concealed fixings and clear safety glass. You can choose among different materials and colours. A polished chrome frame, an extended guarantee and a modest price tag also make bifold shower doors a value purchase.

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How to Save Space with a Bifold Shower Enclosure

Whether a shower enclosure is a complement to an existing bathroom suite or a development put in place from the ground up then you will still have to consider the door style, ensuring there is plenty of room around the shower enclosure for other features and for your chosen shower door to work properly.

When developing your bathroom suite, it’s important to bear in mind the shower door, especially if it is to swing out into the bathroom space as you don’t want it to be difficult to enter or swing out and hit other features.

Some bathrooms are small or awkwardly shaped but this doesn’t mean you should have to discount a shower enclosure, it simply means you may have to consider a space saving shower door like a bifold shower enclosure.

Bifold shower enclosures deliver a folding mechanism that splits the door in two and glides to one side of the shower enclosure, making for a space saving solution that self contains the shower door’s functionality; never affecting the shower’s surrounding area.

Bifold Shower Enclosures

Ideal for smaller bathroom suites, bifold shower enclosures are available in a wealth of different styles for any bathroom setting, with a number of leading brands offering designs at the forefront of contemporary chic.

With a range that spans premium bifold shower enclosures to more cost effective alternatives, Bathroom City offers products for all bathrooms and budgets.

If you’re working within a budget then this 760 Bifold Shower Enclosure with Side Panel is a fantastic solution that doesn't discount quality despite its modest price tag, delivering an easy to use shower door on nylon rollers for a sleek easy glide mechanism.

Buying a cheaper product is often associated with poor quality, but this bifold shower enclosure delivers the total opposite, with 6mm thick clear safety glass, a polished chrome finished frame and a 25 year guarantee.

For a branded alternative, the Venturi 6 Bifold Shower Enclosure from Aquadart exudes class with its sumptuous longer silver finished handles, polished silver finished frame, clean and clear glass protection and high quality construction that stands the test of time in all aspects of its design. Buying into a brand like Aquadart guarantees a style that will remain at the forefront of modern vogue for years to come, making them a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers.

For the ultimate in prestigious bifold shower chic, the NCI8000 Colonade Bifold Shower Enclosure from Matki Showering is one of Bathroom City’s most sought after designs, perfectly balancing sleek functionality and eye-catching style.

This Matki bifold shower enclosure stands as a focal point in any modern setting, with its high-lustre anodised Aluminium frame, 6mm thick clear safety glass and Celtic silver finish.

Ideal for smaller en-suite bathrooms as a stand alone feature or integrated in a larger bathroom suite alongside other products, bifold shower enclosures deliver a wealth of practicality and style in any setting.

Just because you have a smaller room doesn’t mean you should have to compromise the design of your bathroom suite; having to discount any features that would clearly make your life easier and make your bathroom more functional shouldn’t be an issue when developing your bathroom suite.

Of course, we’re not suggesting squeezing a hot tub into your en-suite but there are plenty of alternative shower doors that can make tucking a shower enclosure neatly into your bathroom suite a lot easier and more effective.

Whether you’re utilising the space in a compact en-suite, smaller bathroom or a large bathroom where you would like a number of features to fill the floor space then a bifold shower door or folding shower door is the perfect solution to saving space.

Without having to take into account the space surrounding the shower enclosure, bifold shower doors and folding shower doors are a self-contained design that fold into the shower enclosure – unlike swing out shower doors designed for large bathroom suites.

By utilising a bifold shower door or a folding shower door you can increase the space in your bathroom for more features, whether you’re looking to add more furniture or a bath to a large bathroom suite or if you’re saving space in a compact en-suite.

It’s always good to increase your options; especially when designing a future-proof bathroom suite, you don’t want to settle for less and then complain about it later, you want your bathroom suite to stand the test of time.  

Folding Shower Doors at Bathroom City

There are several ways to utilise a bifold or folding shower door, with a number of different options available that be recessed in between walls or as part of stand alone corner shower installation. 

The Silver Semi Framed Bifold Door from Lakes Bathrooms is a stylish modern bifold shower door that slips beautifully between walls, utilising the space in an alcove so you can add more features to your bathroom suite.

Similarly, the White Framed Bifold Door from Lake Bathrooms delivers a bold frame and offers the ability to be coupled with a side panel, shower tray, extension profile, inline panel, easy plumb kit and AllClear coated glass for a complete shower bifold shower door enclosure.

If you have a smaller space to work with or if you’d like a complete suite that utilises all the space available then a bifold shower door or folding shower door is the ideal way to make sure the mechanics of your shower and other features don’t compromise each other.